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This is Milo

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I posted Milo's brief story under Crossing the Bridge. Michelle asked if I could post a picture of her as well. I'm going to put it here, so that the bridge thread doesn't get clogged. If mods need to move it, feel free. Thank you!

Rest in peace, sweet Milo
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Rest in Peace Milo!
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Oh she looks just fine here in Fur pages where more can see her beauty, as not many can face going into the bridge because it upsets them

What a gorgeous little girl
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She's gorgesous. You must feel privileged to have had her love you
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What a doll!, thank you so much for sharing that picture..I know it must bring you mixed emotions.
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Michelle says thank you to everyone. I'm trying to get her to join TCS, as she has several furbabies that you would all love! She's been lurking about periodically, but hasn't joined yet.

Funny how little Milo crept her way into my heart from across so many miles (Australia)...but we all know how that happens, don't we?

Again, thank you all for your condolences.
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RIP sweet Milo.

I did not see it in the Bridge. The past few weeks when I go in there, I just can't handle it. I've popped in a few times, started to read, and quickly had to leave. I'm taking a bit of a break from the Bridge.
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RIP Milo . Thank you for sharing her picture with us, it is a lovely tribute .
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Milo is a such cute baby! ...RIP sweet angel! I know he lives forever in your heart!
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