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Friends, we know you're eager to start posting in IMO, but please read this notice before you do.

The Hiatus in IMO over the weekend was not just about the heightened emotions in the aftermath of Katrina. To be sure that was the catalyst. But the climate in here has been on a downswing recently: personal digs, sniping, off-topic posting, all contributing to a less than pleasant atmosphere. It's not what we want for this forum, and especially not at a time when we should be holding each other up, not knocking each other down.

Now that we've all had a bit of a breather, time to ponder, and so on, we're back in business, but there will be changes. The long and short (more detail in the Rules and Guidelines sticky ) is that mods will be giving the benefit of the doubt much less often than in the past, and warnings and suspensions will be handed out before the fur flies, not after -- if we can help it!

Specifically, at the first sign of potential trouble the member will receive an offical warning. The second infraction earns a 1-week suspension from IMO, the third, a 2-week suspension from the site. Any further problem could be grounds for membership privileges to be revoked. Given the change in the ground rules, we start with a clean slate. Any warnings issued prior to the hiatus will not count.

Debate is healthy. Nobody expects everybody to agree 100%, but please remember to debate the issue, not the person.

Thanks for reading. Happy posting.