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job hunting sucks

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Ever since I was sent over to the plant that is closing, I have been applying for jobs that interest me. Mainly, I am applying for an administrative assistant type job. I did this prior to working at Motorola, and that made me happy. It is frustrating because I never hear responses A lot of place now a days want you to send your resume via email or fax, which is what I do. I write to them telling them that I am interested in the position, where I found it, my computer skills, and why I think I am a good candidate. I also attach my resume for them to review it. Yes, I know that I have worked at Motorola in a production environment for 4 years, and no, I haven't really worked as an admin. assistant, but I have the skills that are necessary: typing skills, data entry, blah, blah, blah. I honestly think that when someone looks at my resume & sees Motorola, and a manufacturing specialist, they automatically think: "Kim is not capable of doing this type of job." And, I really hope they aren't saying that, because I am a hard worker, have great attendance, never later to work, etc. Heck, I have tons of computer experiene........ you'd think I'd hear back from someone! Is there anyone who would be willing to look at my resume and tell me what I am doing wrong???

I want out of there sooooooo bad, you have no idea It's not a "safe" place to work either, considering how I've heard of how many people have died of cancer-related deaths. Heck, the plant I'm at now has been around since the 60's if that tells you enough. I'm not paranoid, but when I feel a twinge or something, it makes me wonder sometimes....... Like for example: we have to wipe the boxes down with 100% isoprophyl alcohol & that stuff gives me a headache just because of the fumes....... Practically, every day I have a headache from that place.......

Ok, enough for now!
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Tigger, I can understand the frustration - I deal everyday with people collecting Employment Insurance benefits (coverage for out of work Canadians). Maybe you need to spiff up your resume & cover letter. If you like I can look it over for you if you like ( I deal with these issues every day). If you want me to pm me and I will send you my work address or just e-mail it to me at home at adymarmc@hotmail.com.
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Thanks ...... I will send it to your home email. Thank you!
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Tigger, I am in that position myself. I have been hunting for a new job but I've been feeling very discouraged, especially when I go apply for jobs and their are already taken by someone else or not opened. Or hiring (experienced only). I am going to go to a temp agency to see if they will help me. I am hoping that the temp agency can give me office work because I am training for that at school and I could use some practice. I was sent to school by Vocational Rehabilitation because I have a learning disability. They pay for me to get training in the office enviornment. I am in the Skills Center and not a regular student.
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It's so-o-o frustrating when you don't hear anything.

Sometimes you have to send out a lot of resumes before anyone's interested. Plus, lots of places around here get so swamped, they only look at the first 100 or so resumes they get anyway and just toss the others. Pretty discouraging.

Still, you've got a little bit of time, since you are still working even if it's very unpleasant right now.

Except for those times when I've had a tip from a friend or been placed by my college, I've always gotten my jobs thu' temp agencies. You know, they use it as an opportunity to check you out and offer you a position if they like you. In the meantime, you can use the agency to update your skills. Lots of times they offer classes because the better their employees are, the better they look too.

Good luck.
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Actually, I need to go to one that a friend from work suggested going to. The only thing with temp agencies, is that they want you to start the next day ..... Or atleast that is what I was told 2 weeks ago. I need to give Motorola atleast a 2-week notice. Plus, with that 2 week notice I can just use up my vacation to get adjusted to a day time schedule!
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susieq, you are exactly right.

Only thing is, if you never get the interview (like Tigger was saying) you never get a chance to sell yourself beyond your cover letter and resume.

And, at least in the part of the country, the ads have only a fax number, absolutely no other clue as to who you are applying to, so there is no chance for a follow up. The major internet job boards often don't even have that - your emailed resume goes to the board, and they forward it to the potential employer.

I've never quite believed in the follow up theory, anyway. I know when I'm on the other side (the one doing the hiring) I find those "follow up" calls to be just a nuisance - if I am interested in you, believe me, you will know it. If not, no amount of "following up" is going to make a bit of difference. By the way - I'm not talking about people I've already interviewed - only the ones who have not been contacted at all. In fact, I suspect this is one reason why so many people have resorted to a fax number being the only means of contact. When you have 100 people calling you to ask "Did you get a chance to look over my resume?" you don't get a whole lotta work done, and it's already a cramped day trying to contact and interview the people you are interested in.

Tigger - my experienc with temp agencies has been the opposite - it is weeks, sometimes months before they find me anything (but then, 99% if their jobs are clerical/secretarial, and I have no such experience and only limited "office" skills). However, most of them operate on the basis that you call them when you are available, so you can interview this week, then when you are ready in two weeks, have them add you to their "available" list.

I would feel really uncomfortable quitting first, though, because the temp agencies seem to be just like anyone else - if you don't have the actual experience they are going to be reluctant to place you.

If you are in the enviable position of not having to work, or if you are able financially to skip a paycheck or two, though, then that would probably be your best bet.

Good luck. I've been looking for over two months. But then my job is not the kind that crosses over into anything else, and I have no other usable skills, so I'm stuck with looking for the same thing in the same industry. You have very usable skills, even if no experience, so you should be able to find something. I hope it's soon!
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Just hang in there, Tig, I am sure you will find something soon...I will be thinking of you, and hoping for the best.
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4 years ago, I was "temping." The only thing I had to do was go down to the place, give them my resume & they tested me on certain programs(WOrd, Excel). THen when something came in, they called me. 2 weeks ago, I emailed my resume after speaking to a girl at a temp agency after she told me to email the resume. I never heard back from one of their recruiters. I emailed another one this past week, with no phone call! I do plan on going on Thursday to the place the girl @ work recommended. I called the place & they were really friendly on the phone. While I prefer not to go with a temp. agency, it may be my only choice -- because let's say I don't find a new job by June ........ we're royally screwed But, then I look at the bright side if that does happen, they usually can find you a job right then & there. See, it would be so nice if hubby can find one before I do ...... then, we would know how much of a pay cut I can take. While his job is not on the line (as far as they know at his plant, they are ok), he still wants out, too.

Oh, & Adymarie: I sent you my resume yesterday .....
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Hey Tigger!

I did start looking at your resume last night. I do have some definate suggestions for you & I will e-mail them to you either tonight or tomorrow. Did you ever consider going to a permanent placement agency. They look for FT jobs for you. Some ask for a fee from you (don't go to them). Other s get a finder's fee from the employer. They are really very good & can find jobs in most fields.
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No, I hadn't thought of that -- Although, hubby did mention something about finding those contractor agencies; the ones who can guarantee you a job.
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A lot of companies only advertise with these agencies as they do all the screening for them. Then they only interview the people that pass screening process. They help with resumes and interviewing. They are most helpful.
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Keep us posted on how it goes!
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