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Little Milo is gone

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My very good friend from Australia messaged me tonight to tell me that her sweet little Milo has passed. I remember when she found her, a starving little cat in the bushes. Michelle went home and came back with some food to lure her out and took her home. After a trip to the vet, Milo was diagnosed with several problems, including thyroid.

Recently, Michelle was having trouble getting Milo to eat. She had to basically force feed her. Last week things got worse, as she noticed that Milo kept biting her fingers while being fed. Upon closer observation, she realized that Milo was having trouble seeing and rushed her to the vet.

Her retina had become detached and her health was rapidly deteriorating. The vet tried to stabilize her, but it just couldn't be done, she was fading too quickly.

Michelle said good-bye to Milo today. She died in her arms. I assured her that she gave Milo the best gift she could have over the past 6 months, the gift of love. Rest in peace, little Milo. I loved you, too, darling girl.
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Awwwwwwwww, how sad! Yet also it is touching that she gave little Milo love and a good life for awhile! RIP Milo!
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RIP Milo
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RIP Milo and suffer no more
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RIP, sweet Milo.
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RIP sweet Milo.
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RIP Milo
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I am very sorry for the loss of Milo. I saw his pic on fur pictures. He was lucky to have your friend try to save him. I'm sorry she didn't have more time with him.
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Godspeed, Milo! Please extend my condolences to Michelle - she obviously has great love for the little guy. She was such a guardian angel for Milo - I hope that the cat-sized hole in her heart gets filled with more kitty-love very, very soon! You are such a good friend for caring so much about Michelle & Milo - it must be very hard for Michelle that you are so far away - at least you have the internet! Bless you all! Hugs, Susan
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Awwww, that is heart breaking Rest in peace sweet Milo and go pouce on Averee for me!
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Condolences to your friend for her loss of Milo. Rest in peace little one, you were greatly loved.
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RIP little angel called Milo......my condolences...
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