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Gah!!! Silly water company....

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I came home from work today and had NO WATER service in my apartment! We had water when I left this morning, but not when I got home!
So I called the water company. They said they would send someone out to check it this evening. All cool, right? Right.
Well, the man from the water company just came to the door and said he was going to check the meter.
Know what?
The freakin' meter was shut off!!
The people next door just moved out last week and put in a request to shut off the water to their apartment.
Our water meter is right next to the one for the next door apartment. So OUR water got shut off instead!!
Somehow the water company had switched all the numbers on the meters. So the poor guy who came to fix the water has to check all the meters. Ours is back on, but man...I bet the repair man going to kick someone's butt when he gets back from this job!!

I haven't been able to wach my hands all evening and we had to go out for fast food because I will not cook without running water.
But the worst part is we havn't been able to use the d@mn toilet!!! LOL No water = no flushy-flushy!!

But the water is back on now. Yay!!
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I'm glad your water is back on.
I had a similar experience 2 years ago. My house is a semi-detached...or a "half-a-house" as some would call it. The other side of my house went up for sale, and the new buyers came in and noticed there was a leak in the bathroom faucet. So, they and the realtor goes downstairs and turns off the water at the valve. Well, here we find out the valves are switched and we can actually turn each other's water off. When they thought they turned their's off...they actually turned mine off. It took 6 hours to get a hold of the realtor to come back with the key to go down and turn our water back on. What really me off, was she didn't even apologize, nor offer to reimburse us for dinner, since we had to go out to eat, since I'm like you..I don't like to cook without having water. She actually had the nerve to call and say that she has to come from an hour away, and asked if it could wait until the morning. My husband told her in a few choice words that I can't post here that wouldn't be an acceptable option, as like you said, no water=no flushy, as well as my son had to have a bath for school the next morning. Now, I realize it wasn't intentionally turned off, but for her to act all put out, really me up.
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This happened a while back with my phone...thought I was going to die without internet access ;-) They said they had done something to someone else's phone and hit my wires along the way.

Being without water sucks...I had to turn mine off for a day when one of my faucets broke and was leaking. So hard to go without it!

I would have been upset with that realtor too!
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How frustrating!!! Glad it's back on and you have flushy-flushy again....
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