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Ok all you snakey people

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What is the name of a person who milks venomous snakes for a living? I am drawing a blank here- a herpetologist?
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A a herpetologist is one who practices the husbandry of amphibians and reptiles.
The only names I've ever heard given for "milkers" is Snake Wrangler or Venom Collector.
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I was thinking maybe "insane"
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Insane also works
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yeah i think they may be just called "snake milkers"...at least thats the only title I have heard....but if thiers another one let me know...im interested now
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"Death Wishers" ???
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals
I was thinking maybe "insane"
Originally Posted by Yosemite
"Death Wishers" ???
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milkers is all I have ever heard ... I am insane since I would love too but with my immune sysmtem I cant
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I think there are different terms but I'd call such a person a licensed venomous reptile handler or a herpetologist though the latter is more involved in the study of the snake's behaviour. There are also plain old snake charmers who tend to obtain the job by virtue of it being "in" the family.

Seriously though, snake venom is highly coveted by researchers (like me even) because it is used in the manufacture if many diverse medications. We tend to call the people who milk the venom venom extractors or just plain snake handlers. There is an ongoing study involving snake venom that is showing impressive results in the treatment of cancer. Certain snake venoms can stop or interfere with blood-vessel formation in tumours so we'd like as much of it as we can get!

I am not personally afraid of snakes - I have one who suns himself on my front step and I call him Snavily. He crawls out of whereever he hibernates every summer like clockwork - and LOVES heat! However, I am not yet ready to donate him to a venom lab - he seems to like the neighbourhood too well and we all give him his space. He even watches me mow the lawn, lol (and I always watch for him before we do the lawn!)
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