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Sail away over RB, SANDIE![long]

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today, Sandie of San Diego, was euthanized. One Sunday evening,I found Sandie, a BEAUTIFUL sealpoint Himalayan, in an alley in San Diego, near death, walking on only 3 legs (her claws had curled back into her paw pads), extremely starved and dehydrated, simply a near-skeleton covered in heavy mats of fur. My daughter & I drove all night, over 300 mi, so that Sandie could receive complete veterinary care first thing in the a.m. ( I didn't have a credit card to pay for the emergency care vets in SD, and the rescue hosp. could only get her stabilized until Animal Control would authorize further care, that following Tuesday). Thanks to my wonderful vet and to excellent care tips from TCS members, I was able to get Sandie back from the brink.
I posted in the 'found pets' sections of several sites, called the rescue groups in SD, searching for her owners. I always felt that she was a little disoriented and wanted to find her original home.
She did adjust well, though, and enjoyed getting groomed, She also followed me on walks with Icy,JC & Joey. In fact, (red flag!) the last 2 weeks, she stopped following us, choosing to wait at the top of the driveway. Yesterday, she stopped eating and today, she wouldn't chase a string. She seemed very introverted, and I found her suddenly laying down in a ball and falling into a deep sleep. Since I'm leaving for Tennessee tomorrow, and have to be in Reno tonite, I took her to the vet today, and found out that her kidneys had hardened; although she was able to urinate freely, the urine was weak, with the toxins staying in her body.
The prognosis was bleak - she would only get worse & worse. I chose to have her euthanized before she really suffered. I felt her hardened, enlarged kidneys myself, and deeply regret not having realized that she was having problems - this didn't happen overnight!!!
Sail away, beyond this earth and over Rainbow Bridge, Sandie!! I hope that your little spirit is a kitten again, and don't be afraid of the big, white dog that will be coming to greet you - that's only Tasha, one of the best friends cats ever had! I have lit a candle to help light your way. Farewell, little friend! I'm so sorry that I couldn't find your people, but you were a real trooper at being a little country-cat! We will miss you, and visit your little grave often! Love, Susan
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Oh, Susan..you did so much for this little sweetheart. She knew love from you, and that will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, angel Sandie
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Bless you for taking in dear Sandie from San Diego. She must have been on her own for quite a while before you saved her. She was lucky to have you. I'm sorry she has gone over the rainbow bridge. I'm sure she is happy and healthy now!
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Oh My Heart goes out to you, Bless you for what you have done for her
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I am so sorry about your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hugs for you..
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Awwww RIP Sandie!
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Bless her little heart What an awful state she sounded in until you found her to give her the love and attention that she needed

RIP Sandie
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Bless you for all the love and care you gave to Sandie. RIP sweet girl.
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I am so sorry. You tried so hard for her. She knows that you tried hard for her and is looking down upon you smiling.

RIP Sandie
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Sandie.
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Thank you all for your comforting words. I do hope that Sandie is getting lots of love & affection from all the loving souls on the other side of RB. She never lost her love for people,and her deep faith that everyone cared for her. Her cheerful, affectionate face & upraised tail are very much missed!
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