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I think this may be it!!!!

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Well Dora is now hiding in the linen closet so I think this may be it. She has been acting strange all day so I am hoping. I really can't see her because it is full of stuff (not linen..lol). She went behind everything so I will just have to keep checking on her. I can see her if I climb up in the closet but I don't want to disturb her. Of course I have the winter clothes in there and that is what she is laying on. At this point I will take kittens however I can get them. I will keep you all posted.
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Of course after I posted that she left the closet and is now laying on the stairs again. She keeps going from place to place though so maybe tonight.
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lol I'd close that closet so she can't go in there. I've got Tiara locked in my bedroom, with a hook and eye on the closet door so she can't go in there.
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I would lock her in my room but of course I have the room with no door. Thinking I would be the nice parent and give my kids the rooms with doors so they could have privacy. I just have a curtain for a door for now. We just moved our room downstaires into what should be the dining room so that is why there is no door. I figured my kids needed more space upstairs so I gave them my old room. I have 4 kids so that means only 2 of them share a room this way. But because of that I have no door to keep her in my room. I am just keeping a close eye on her. How is Tiara doing this evening?
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Same ol', Same ol'. I think I'm going to faint when she finally has those babies.
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LOL that is the way I feel. I think I am getting excited for nothing but oh well. It helps pass the time..lol.
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LOL! I go in my room and lay by Tiara to watch her for something to do. So I know where you are coming from.
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Well Dora went in one of her boxes and started digging around and crying. Now she is eating so who knows. She does seem nervous today though.
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For your sake I hope that this is it for her. I know Tiara has been using the litter box alot. I haven't spent time with her for about four hours now, so I don't know if she is acting any differant.
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I really hope Tiara has her's soon. She should since she is pretty far along now. It has to happen sometime...that is what I keep telling myself.
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LOL. Yeah, I think so. Rather I hope so. I went in my room and Tiara dragged her butt across the floor....hmmmm...
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i'll keep my fingers crossed for your babies!!
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Hopefully it will be tonight for both of us. Dora is trying to rest but keeps moving from place to place. Maybe.....
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LOL between the two of you...your pregnant cats are driving me nuts! (just kidding)...I keep checking to see if anything has happened, but NO... I have never been all that patient...I can't wait to read the news...hopefully really soon!
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my Momma was all over the bedroom before she had her babies... then i brought her into the living room with me while i got online and she preceded to hang out on the couch and then going back to the bedroom.... all before deciding to start having them UNDER the couch on the almost white carpet (yay for oxy clean!)
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Well Dora is now resting, not really sleeping. She keeps moving around. She comes up to me and lets me pet her but then out of nowhere runs and lays down. Her breathing is faster for sure. I am really hoping it will be tonight.
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Me tooooo! But I'm not holding my breath for either one of us...
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Me either since we both seem to have the most stubborn cats known to man..lol. Either that or they just love being pregnant and don't want to give that up.
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I remember the waiting game with my little Kochka's pregnancy. I had a bithing box in a small doorless closet & watched her, since everyone said she'd hide somewhere (incomvenient) to have them.
So one Sunday afternoon just after dinner guests had left, she climbed onto my lap, where her water broke!
I carried her to the birthing box and stroked her through the delivery of the first kitten. Then I needed a bathroom myself, as I was also pregnant. She tried to leave the box to follw me, so I delegated my husband to stroke her until I could return to birthcoach duties.
Kochka died at 17 1/2 and I have a houseful of very dear cats, but I will always treasure her and remember sharing her labor & births.
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Well I really think it will be tonight. Dora has went into her box under my bed and started digging. She dug up the blankets and stuff until t covered the opening to the box so I can no longer see her. I guess I will just have to wait until I hear something. There will be no sleep for me tonight I guess. I really hope she has them soon. It would be really nice to get some sleep tonight.
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Good Luck. I'll be popping off and on to see if anything has happened.

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Well Dora is now out of her box and laying in the hall. Maybe I am getting excited for nothing. I will just have to keep watching her. I will keep you all updated.
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I bet she is SOOO close I think it will be tonight for sure!!! She is definately showing signs of being in labor. Have you tried feeling for contrations today? Is the kittens moving more then ever?
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I have felt some contractions just now. I can't tell how far apart they are though because she won't let me keep my hand on her long enough. The babies are moving more than they have been. She just keeps pacing. She won't let me near her box at all. That worries me though because if she has problems I amy not know. She is laying in the hall again but keeps going from room to room. I don't plan on getting much sleep tonight..lol
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haha I told you Dora will probably have her kits before Tiara.
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I know you did but Tiara still has time. Dora has not had any yet. How is Tiara acting?
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Like a lazy kitty who is breathing hard....lol....She has been to the litter box and nothing is happening. She also usually eats three bowls of food a day, and today has only had two, hasn't touched it since about six tonight. She won't let me touch her belly much, and her tail is thumping like crazy. She is also cleaning herself alot. That's about it.
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That sounds like how Dora started this morning. Her tail is doing the same thing. Maybe it will be soon. Hopefully...
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Hopefully. I'll check back later on Dora. I'm going to go stare at my brat!
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I can't wait to hear some kitten news! I am betting Dora will start tonight and Tiara will start tommorow early morning...well, at least that is wishful thinking....
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