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Beauty Attack!

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OK let me start with the scenerio:
About 7 mos ago my boyfriend and I decided to move in together. He has two cats (Patches and Beauty, both 10) and I have 1 cat, Luna age 1. we moved into a new apartment so there was all new smells and it didn't smell like one cat's domain. Patches is the dominate one and is super anxious! For example, if she sees the bottom of the food bowl or any side of it, she will cry and cry and cry until you jiggle the food so it looks full. Beauty is extremely passive, and just wants to cuddle and be loved all the time. Luna was a lovey cat too before we moved in together. She was about 4 mos. old by then. She has a playful personality, can stand up for herself, etc. Kind of a combination of Beauty and Patches.

I will admit our first mistake was that we didn't section off the cats and allow a week or two for them to get use to each other. After 7 mos though, they're use to each other. However Luna does not like Beauty whatsoever. The only time I've ever seen them play together is when they're both behind a door and one can't see the other. If Luna realises who she is playing with, she will run out from behind the door hiss and smack at Beauty. If we're playing with Luna and she gets irritated, she will run away from us and activily seek out Beauty and take her aggression out on her.
Both of us are trying to stop Luna from hunting Beauty. I will follow her if she is angry and firmly tell her "NO" before getting to Beauty. We've used the Feliway stuff, we've tried kitty valum, and as a last resort the water gun to help enforce "NO" towards attacking Beauty.

First, is this odd cat behaviour? Luna is spayed, and has gotten all needed shots. Secondly does anyone else have any suggestions to help stop her from attacking Beauty?

Thanks in Advance!
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How does Beauty react to Luna?
I am not sure, but it looks more like a "challenge" than an attack.
Also, Luna may misunderstand your following and disciplining her en route to Beauty. She might think you are cheering her on.

Originally Posted by lunasmom
I will follow her if she is angry and firmly tell her "NO" before getting to Beauty.
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She is trying to show Beauty she is the alpha cat. I don't think interfering is helping anything.
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Yes, I agree. Unless she is really hurting the other cat, I would leave them alone and let them to figure out who is the boss.
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Thanks for the input everyone!
I never thought from her perspective on possibly cheering her on.

There is the possibility of hurting Beauty as Luna still has all 4 paws with claws. But Beauty also has about 15 pounds on Luna, and according to my boyfriend Beauty builds up her aggression. She's a very easily dominated cat, but will get sick of being picked on eventually. From what my boyfriend has said he's had to physically pull Beauty off of Patches before when she lashes out.
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