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Sick kitty? Help

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My older cat, Cloey, (10 yrs, applehead siamese persian) does not look good at all. Her eyes are always dialated and she just really looks boney and sunk in. I know she has been having some bad stress issues since we brought the new kitten home back in July but Gracie is 8mths now and doesn't bother her as much. We also adopted, or should I say he adopted us, an older black male cat but he mostly stays outside and she basically stays clear of him. I am taking her to the vet today on my lunch but I just wanted some of ya'lls opinions. She is eating and releaving herself.

Thanks for all your input.

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I was going to say take her to the vet but looks like you've got that covered. Sounds like there might be a health problem. Let us know how it goes at the vet. Wishing for the best!
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Hope she's okay!
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It sounds like she needs a little TLC from the vet. I hope she is okay!!
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Well, I took Cloey to vet Friday. She has diabetes!!!
Her count was 435 and vet said for a stressed cat (which she is) it should be around 200. So now I am giving her a insulin shot everyday. I thought this would be hard but she really takes it like a trooper. She doesn't even budge or flinch in the least. I can already tell a difference in her, as of Sunday she is getting back to her old self.

Thanks everybody for you kindness.

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I am glad it was something relatively simple & I am glad she is doing better!
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I am so glad it's something you can treat and she will be okay!!
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