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look! what should i name her?

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Fwan, who is that?????
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its me
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She's gorgeous!, where did she come from?
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Originally Posted by fwan
its me
Not you!!!!
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I know that silly, who is the kitty????????????????
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A new sister for Teufel?

how about Engel???
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So are you going to be able to keep her?!?!?! She is beautiful.
If I get another female cat, I want to name her Grace or Gracie, so that's my vote!
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i cant find the program tricia used to rezise pictures.
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She looks like Bridget, my childhood cat!
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yes, this is my new daughter

bens mother got her for me, i have to admit i am a bit.. hesitant to get another kitten, since teufel has been my once and only for a year.. and its not like i have the money for the vet bills.

I might give her to my mother, but ben told me to just keep it.

I have shut her in the loungeroom and right now they are both meowing at each other through the door!

i will take a better picture of her when she has calmed down.
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She's such a pretty little thing. Of course, I like the name Gracie too!
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How about "verzaubert", then you can call her "berti" for short.
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What a sweetie Fran!!
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Is she a birthday present???
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Originally Posted by GailC
Is she a birthday present???
yes she is
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Usually I wait a few days for a name to come to me!! My sister had her kitten about three weeks before she came up with her name!!
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here are some more pics, i need to really rezise them though

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Congratulations!! She looks so CUTE!!

Where did Ben's mom find her? From a store or from a rescue organization? How old is she? She looks to be gray/white. Is that right?

I also think that's neat that Ben's mom got her for you. I think that shows that you have a good relationship with her and that's important!
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i have no idea where she got her from, certainly not from a rescue organisation, because.. she doesnt have that sort of money to get one from there.
I heard that her friends cat was having kittens and i think this one is from the litter.
Yes we had a big fight over the weekend and then we cried together i swear we are a bunch of nuts, but not everyone is an angel
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Fran empty your pm box please!
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i always thought that the kit who lived here would attack the newbie.. but it seems like the newbie is attacking teufel like mad!
they have been playing/attacking each other it looks so funny because he is scared of this tiny thing

i just seperated them because they started to breathe like dogs (when they have their mouth open and toungue out) and breathing really fast, infact its been 5 minutes and teufel wont stop im getting worried..
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They will settle down Teufel will be ok!!! Just try to calm her down.... I like the name Gracie too!!
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they probably just need some 'alone' time... i think Engel sounds pretty - does it mean 'Angel'? then i would think it went well with Teufel... you could create a poll with all your ideas on it & let us vote - that's what i did when i got Java.
She's a cutie!
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She's an absolute doll!! Sorry, no names are coming to me right now! I'll keep thinking though! I had Max for almost 2 months before I figured out a real name for him!!
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Awww Fran - she's lovely. What a pretty little girl.
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Thank you!
she is definetely a little attacker and does kung fu!
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Well that's a good thing that she isn't shy!!
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Awwww, what a precious girl! I have to add my vote for Engel, goes so well with Teufel!

Congrats Fran!!
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Aw she's beautiful.
Looks like a cat I had as a kid, very affectionate and not scared of anything.
How about Cindy?
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