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Hey, BodLover!

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You always respond so quickly, but I seem to get offline right before you do!

It's about 4:30 in the morning for me. I'm figuring you're about 6 or 7 hours ahead of me, so either you just got back from morning break or you're planning lunch.

Usually I have insomnia and I'm on my way to bed about now. Tonight I woke up because my medicine is wearing off but it's not time for the next dose yet.

I actually managed to catch the flu this year - I've had a temp of 103 F for about 4 days now, and I can tell when I look at my recent posts! I'm on something called Tamiflu for it, which of course does nothing for the symptoms so I'm still taking a decongestant and I can't breathe when it wears off, so I'm awake now.

We are also moving today, can you imagine? I haven't been off my back for a week and I have strangers coming today to carry off my stuff but the house is a wreck and nothing is packed! Now hubby could have done some of this - it was his idea to move after all - but NO and now he thinks he's going to pressure me into helping. Hah! I can barely make it between the bed and the sofa! Actually, I think it's kind of funny. I just hope he doesn't get too frustrated by my lack of ability to help out.

Anyway, I'm off for new meds. they should kick in in about 20 minutes and I sure hope I can drift off for another few hours. The movers don't come until 1:00, plenty of time for a nap.

Sorry to ramble, it's early / late and I'm wicked dopey from congestion.
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Hiya!!! Yup... its about 11:07 here at the mo... and Im HUNGRY!!!! grrr....
Sorry you're feeling so bad love!!! EEKS!! The flu sucks.... thankfully I haven't caught it YET... fingers crossed!! Actually its funny you should mention moving... cos I am too... not today though!! ha ha ha... our house has just gone up for sale and we were supposed to have 2 lots of people coe to look at it last night - neither showed up... all that cleaning for nothing!! ha hah a... but we do have more coming tonight and over the weekend... we are viewing a house on Saturday... so Im hoping we'll like it!!
Sooo are the meds kicking in yet?!!
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Yep, finally kicked in. I just woke up about 15 minutes ago.

We had planned to move Sat. but that's the 2nd and the apartment people got upset so we are moving today. I wish we had the extra day, because I got nothing done all week.

Hubby went to get the keys and found out they really want us out by noon (about 2 1/2 hours from now) and you know, it just ain't gonna happen. I wonder what they'll do? Only the bedroom is fully packed, kid's room isn't even started, nobody's coming to help with furniture until 1:00. This should be interesting.

Cats are FREAKED. They aren't even trying to escape out the open door!

Why are you moving? Bigger place? Nearer work? I hate moving but I enjoy house hunting, though we aren't close to buying at the moment.
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Yup - both those reasons... I love our house at the moment but its getting kinda small... ya know??!?! And also its a nightmare trying to get to work and back.... UGH....(I have to rely on buses.. )
Oooo boy - sounds like you got a busy day ahead of you!!! Sheeesh - I guess the people who want your house are just gonna have to wait!!
You'll have to let me know how the cats take it .... I keep wondering about that... eh, transporting 6 cats! (I know 6 isn't alot to some people, but its still gonna be fun!!)
Why are you moving then? Same reasons?
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Well, the new place is a little bit bigger though it's only across the street so it isn't any closer to work.

There are two main reasons for this: The people who have moved in over here in the last couple of months don't feel safe. Lots of loud parties, lots of car alarms going off, ganja smell from one apartment. Just doesn't seem like a good place for a child.

The other reason (and I think this is silly) is that hubby can get satellite TV over there. Something to do with site lines and trees. If he was a huge sports fan I might understand it (though I still wouldn't move just for that) but all he ever watches is CNN which we get over here so I don't get it. But he asks for so little, I don't feel burdened to indulge him in this.

Just don't tell him that! lol
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Oooo I see!! Well I think the neighbour thing would make me wanna move too.... though Im not sure about the TV!!! haha aha....
So is it very different from your current house? (Sorry am I interrupting your packing?!?!)
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Let's see . . . We'll be further from the pool (everyone has a pool in Texas). The patio is about twice as big with a storage closet, so I can put the outdoor toys out there instead of in the coat closet. Of course, since there's no need for winter coats, I'll put my art supplies in the coat closet instead of in the corner of my bedroom!

The kitchen is a little smaller but it's more open and sunnier so I guess it's a trade off. The pantry is physically larger, but it's got some places that are hard to reach. I guess I'll put some of those appliances we don't used very often in those spots. Like hubby's jerky machine. I gain a linen closet, and medicine chests in the bathrooms.

That's another Texas thing: the master bedroom always has it's on bathroom. It makes no sense to me for a 2 bedroom apartment to have 2 full baths. I'd rather have extra living space or storage. Plus, the tub and the commode are in a room together, but the sinks and vanity take up one wall in the master bedroom. It's not a long wall, with the bathroom at one end and a walk in closet at the other, but it still seems a little odd. I guess it makes sense though because I can put my makeup on while hubby showers and the mirror won't be all steamy. The bedroom also has a door onto the patio. Not a big patio, but room for a grill and 2 chairs so bigger than the current one.

The bedrooms are a little bigger, the living room is bigger though we lose the fireplace. Not that the one here worked, it was just a nice feature. The biggest thing is, there is a separate dining room, so my table doesn't take up a corner of the living room any more, which makes everything seem a lot more spacious.

You aren't distracting me. Everytime I try to do anything I end up light-headed and coughing, so I'm not much use and I rest a lot. I'm feeling much better than yesterday, but I'm still not myself. My ideal would be, rent a hotel room for me, kid, and cats and sleep all day while he finishes the move without me. I'm not exactly making a difference so I'm sure it wouldn't matter much.
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