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Some more smilies

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Not sure if you have seen this link or not, but I will post it.... it has pages and pages of different smilies!! Some are kind of wicked, but for the most part, they are really cute!!

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Yeah, that's the source for most of the smilies here

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Hello, I am new and am probably dong this all wrong - but I am a rather anxious new owner of a 13 week old abyssinian male who has not been handled much by the breeder. I have had him for 3 days and I am wondering how long it will take to socialize him, and if 13 weeks is too old to get socialized (as you can see I am pretty ignorant!) I am keeping him in our bedroom but he is very skittish and hids under beds if anyone comes into the room - he has to be cought if we want to stroke him - but he does purr like a tractor almost immediately! Can anyone give me some advice?
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abymum, go to the cat lounge and post your questions there. You'll get a lot more responses there. 13 weeks is not to late to socialize a kitten but, again, introduce yourself at the lounge and you'll get many responses.
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Welcome Abymum! If you want to learn more about how to post on the forums, please visit this link:

And yes, you need to post your question in one of the other forums. I think the behavior forum would be best for the question itself and the cat lounge would be best for introducing yourself.
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I clicked on the link but it's not there any longer

do you know what happened to it? i have no idea how to find it.
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this is the new link:


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thanks blue! I bookmarked it so I will always have it
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