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Fun, a little disturbing!

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I found this on another forum. It was making all the massage therapists there cringe! You can control it by moving the figure with your mouse.
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That's actually quite therapeutic!

Would be even better if you could make it look like my boss at the moment!
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Oh my gosh that made me dizzy!
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That is kinda cool!!
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That's certainly different, I'm not sure if I like it or not though, lol.
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Kinda funny...I like that she's a skinny blonde in a bikini...I was like "That's right, bimbo, you're going down!!"
No offense to any skinny blonde bikini wearing TCS members, of course.
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So cool. Am I the only one who started thinking about Monty Python after a bit?
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Tetka means aunt, so potentially this what whomevers aunt, lol
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I was just thinking, why cant we make it look like other people....

While just watching her fall made me cringe and 'oooh', it was kind of interesting in an odd, bone breaking sorta way.... i couldnt look away...
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seen that b4 good isnt it.
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thats to funny
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I like it! I play with it sometimes when I'm bored. Other than the way her body bends, it doesn't look like it hurts. It's relaxing.
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i saw a guy one once, those are cool!
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I saw that before... Weird!!
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That's really weird!
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