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Spinal Injury... Help Needed!

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I have a 1 year old male cat that has a disk compression injury to his lower spine. He fell off a tall cat tree and landed wrong. He was treated with steroids and rest and got better for about 3 weeks. Now he's having problems again with walking and the steroids aren't working very well anymore at this point.
I would like to try accupuncture or a chiropractor now, because meds aren't helping.
Does anyone know of a practitioner in North Carolina or the surrounding states?
Anyone with any experience with this type of injury that can impart some advice?
Thanks for any tips!
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Are you by the Black Mountains?
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I would recommend speaking to a local massage therapist. If they know someone that practices animal massage, that may help you locate someone that does accupuncture or chiro treatments. Good luck, I hope your guy gets better.
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