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Naming themselves

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Well the good news is the new arrivals have finally eaten! The bad news is they have a habit of vanishing into little wisps of fur hidden in the most unlikely of places. I am going to name them Shakespeare, Flit and Spectre! I know they are up there, but darned if I can find the little scamps. But since I was up there earlier, and the food is gone, it stands to reason they are still up there and will come out when the hunger starts getting to them. But darn it, they sure don't *appear* to be up there!
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Oooooh....baby bunnies!!
Yay! I bunnies!
Well, where are the pictures! Ha ha, if you can find them to take their picture, that is! Good luck!
They sound so cute!
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These are feral kitties, 3 of em, chocolate point siamese long hairs, cute as the dickens and wilder than a march hare.........the other bunnies Tover and Pewter are doing great, they at least don't vanish!
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they sound so beautiful!

Are they living in your barn?
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Those poor babies must be sooooo scared!!!
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Once they figure out that you are a good "cat" person, they'll be out and about. Then they'll be worming their adorable way into your heart!
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No, they are in the cat room upstairs. The lady who trapped them left them in the trap for 3 days without food or water! GRRR! So they are pretty shocky to say the least. But this morning at morning check, I was able to find all of them inside the blanket cave I made for them.
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The blanket cave is a favorite (I'm finding out) of Jinxy! He got under my covers the other night and was very HAPPY BOY! loves it! You'd think they'd get hot or like "get me outa here I can't breathe!" catz..... go figure! :tounge2:
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Your awesome cuz you saved the KIDDENS!!!!! And your a nice Lady, thats for sure! weeeeeeee

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OMG! I can't believe she did that, that's just cruel! Especially to babies like that!

I'm glad they're settling in though. All snugged up together someplace cozy sounds about perfect.

Do you go sit in there so they get used to you? Are your other cats in the cat room or is it just for rescues?

My hands would be itching to pick up one of them and show it how nice it is to have ears scratched and chin rubbed, but they aren't close to ready for that yet I'm sure.
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Hissy, that is terrible what the woman did. How could any one starve a little iddy biddy kiddy??????? Awwwwwwww, it makes me want to cry.

Good for you for helping out yet another litter!! You're an .
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You need two blankets (single or twin size) and a large cardboard box. Take the darkest of the two blankets and insert it into the box covering all the sides, bring the sides of the blankets out over the top and sides of the box, secure with safety pins (large ones) so it sort of looks like an envelope. Set the box down on it's side, and take the other blanket and place it over the top of the box so it drapes down over it, but leave enough room for kitty to go in and out underneath. Anchor the top (I use old textbooks) and set the cave in a corner, or between furniture, and there you have it, a very primitive blanket cave that ferals love
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Bless you Hissy!
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HIssy - I am going to set-about making one of those blanket caves today! Thank you for a project that will divert my attention away from my dirty house. Do you think I can drag it out to last all day???

As for the kits...their first exposure to human hands was not a good one - but you will turn them around!

You ARE the feral queen! (like weakest link - only in a GOOD way)

Good luck and my thoughts are with you!
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MA, hurry up and post some pics of those little darlings You can mail one to me if you like :tounge2: A kitten that is
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