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Awww bless her She's done a great job
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awww look at those little babies
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she is panting quite heavily now. i have put all her food and water right next to the box for her. I even held her water bowl right in front of her but she wasnt interested. she doesnt feel to warm. is this normal? i dont remember her panting so heavy last time. could it be that shes still in labour?
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She might be?, can you feel anything if you gently run your hand across her tummy?
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she still feels abit swollen but i remeber she did last time and was shocked that only 2 kitties came.shes not panting so bad now ill just have to wait and see if she does it again and it seems any worse i shall ring the vet? or is it just cos she has more to come?
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Just keep an eye on her, but keep checking in on this forum because the others are slowly coming on now because of the time difference.
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Oh my gosh! I'm so glad she came home in time to have those babies under your watchful eye! They are adorable!

How is she doing now?
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still panting a bit. I hope she stops soon or i discover the cause as its worrying me a little. I felt her tummy and it could be something still there but dont want to push to hard could be another baby or could be an organ or something as cant feel any start or stop or define where the head is or anything.
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If there's a baby in there that is breach it could be quite hard for her to birth it. I would call your vet and see if you can't bring her and the kittens in soon...if she's unable to birth the remaining kittens it could cost her her life.
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she is not pushing and im not even sure if she has any more in there
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Congrats on the kittens. I have been waiting for you to post saying Smokey had them. I am so glad she came home. I know if Dora did that I would be so worried. The kittens are so cute. Enjoy them.
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YAY! I'm soooo excited for you and the new momma! They are ADORABLE!!! They are also very lucky that their momma found her way home so she could have them in a safe, loving place!!! YAY!!!
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Smokey was still panting like mad this morning so I took her to the vet. she has been given a shot of antibiotics and has been put on a diet of high energy food and has to be syringed lectade. Her body just hasnt coped with it all very well so needs a lot of tlc for the next few weeks. Bless her my poor baby. Hopefully she will soon be on the road to recovery. I urge you to remember if you ever think that you cat might possibly need a vet take them asap your instincts are normally right and the sooner the better when it comes to the health of your loved ones. she is looking after her babies very well and needs her rest. Im going to go and watch over her now.
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Originally Posted by SMOKEYNBANDIT
I urge you to remember if you ever think that you cat might possibly need a vet take them asap your instincts are normally right and the sooner the better when it comes to the health of your loved ones.
Very well said!

Bless her little heart It's obviously taking it's toll on her hasn't it?!

I home she picks up soon now that she has her antibiotics, but sending ((((((healthy vibes)))))) for both Smokey and her babies
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Aww thanks. She is till breathing quite heavily but has eaten loads and Ive managed to get some liquids into her too. The babies are feeding well but might start weighing them to keep an eye on it as vet said she doesnt have very much milk there. she seems quite happy really considering and is purring lots. Going to try get some more fluids into her now.
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Excellent!!, your doing well with her
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Ok this is the first born grey female who weighs in at only 4oz today

This is the second born black and ? stripes who weighs in at 4.25oz

look at that face

and the stripes

This is the only boy weighing in at 4.5oz

hmmm tempted to keep him we'll see

So you can get an idea of size (and I have small hands)
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Oh good grief look at those gorgeous little fuzz balls!!!

Their so sweet!. The grey one will look like the Whiskas kitten, awwwww, i've always fancied a grey one as well
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Oh they are totally gorgeous,

I really should stop looking at kittens, it only makes me want another cat!!! arrgghhh lol
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Been following this and I'm so glad that Smokey is doing well with her babies. You're right, we should always follow our instincts when it comes to our little ones' health! I'm glad you did, especially in this case. I can empathize with poor Smokey, sometimes those babies just take a lot out of us! And those baby dolls are just beautiful!! Thanks for the pics!
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aw! They are soooo precious! So glad you took her to the vet to be check out!
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Smokey seems to be feeling a little better today. She is still not 100% but hopefully will be back to normal soon. I am thinking about keeping one of her babies as we lost our other cat Fudge a few months ago.They are all gaining weight well and have all put on at least .5oz since yesterday, is that about right? I think my fav at the mo is the black and ? striped We have named her Willow for now but that might change. The kids are deciding what to call the two grey ones one female one male so far the choices are:

Buffy and Spike
Lilo and Stitch
Bubble and Squeak
Bonnie and clyde

I think bubble and squeak are my favs but have let the kids decide any ideas would be appreciated.
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I'd go with Buffy and Angel instead of Spike...Angel is way better
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oh nooooo i prefer spike lol going a bit o/t now and the kids think spike is way cooler than angel lol they chose them 2
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Awwww love the names!
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