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OMG its happening

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Smokey has gone into labour this morning. i came home from dropping kids at first back at school and looked for her she was in her box id put out for her she never goes init and was crying shes just given birth to her first a tiny grey and white baby not had chance to sex it yet she is still cleaning it up will update soon
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Awwww bless her!

I bet your so relieved this wasn't yesterday after she went missing Keep us updated
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That's good. Keep a close eye on her.
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Im even more relieved that she came home last night if thats possible. she is itting in her box at my feet and is doing a good job of cleaning him/her awwwww its sooo tiny.
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Sam and the others will keep you right because i've never been in your position before with a pregnant cat, but i'll keep looking in
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Is the box in a warm dry place away from other pets?
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looks like we have a little girl. will post pics later when can get on pc as on laptop now so can stay close to her.
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yes she is warm dry and away from all the mayhem of the house
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we now have 2 this one is slightly darker colouring but looks a bit bigger will check it over when shes done with it
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that's good. any pushing?
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not right now but is pushing well when she needs to all seem to be going well *touch wood* Im keeping a close eye on her. Shes such a clever girl and a fantastic mummy
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ooops we posted at the same time! well done!
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lol figured that might be the case. think we have a boy not 100% so hard when theyre so tiny. Last time she only had 2 so will have to see how mny this time.
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Awwww i can't wait to see these
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Will she be desexed after this litter?
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yes she will be spayed asap i am going to contact the vet later to book appt for about 6-8 weeks asap when they can cope without her for a while
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good to hear. i'm off to bed now but I will check in the morning for an update
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oooohhhhh how exciting
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Danielle i bet you wish you were Smokey right now
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Wonderful news. I can just imagine how relieved you must be feeling. Looking forward to pix!
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she is trying to sleep now do you think its likely she may only have 2 again?
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Originally Posted by SMOKEYNBANDIT
she is trying to sleep now do you think its likely she may only have 2 again?

My queen also went into labor this morning. She gave birth to 2 babies (one was born dead thouth) and since 8.30 up until now (12.00 am) nothing happened. I see babies still moving inside but she has no contractions whatsoever. How long is it ok to wait before calling the vet?
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Im not sure but have heard of cats that have seemed to have finished giving birth and then had more 24 hours or more later.
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weve got another little grey and white the second which i thought was dark grey is now dry and seems black/tortoiseshell. also think number 2 may be a girl now lol number 3 is defo boy
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Awwww Congrats. I'm so happy she found her way home. Enjoy those babies!
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Congratulations!!!! looking forward to seeing the pictures
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sorry about picture quality but mum is freaking whenever i try to get them out so have to do it quick.

9.40 am dark grey female
10.05 am black/cream female
11.10 am light grey male

this is the first 2 feeding from mum

this is all 3 best I can get for now

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heres another

Cat puzzle how many faces do you see?

What colours would you say she was? the black one with creamish bits n bobs.
lol that makes loads of sense doesnt it.
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Awwwwwww look at them!!!

Is mum bonding with them now though?
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yep she is brilliant. they are all snuggled up sleeping soundly now. Still not sure if shes finished yet will just have to keep an eye on her. she stll is breathing a bit faster than normal and is sort of sleeping with an eye open lol.
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