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Incessant Howls/ Meowing

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Pleeeeeease reply anyone with meowing help...

Our wonderful 18-yr-old cat howls and meows all day.. it has gotten worse over the last year and he now yowls loudly right at us; he can sleep with my husband and i or son and still he will just jump off the bed, go into the hallway and yowl. He will wander down to the basement and yowl; often if you go right up to him he does a little acknowledgement meow, but he also just wanders and does this, waking us several times in the night but it is all day too. He is peaceful at naps, sits with us, eats and uses the litter fine without problem. The only suggestion from the vet is one of 2 types of anti-anxiety med. I know this is hard on the liver/kidneys.
He is hard of hearing to some degree, does not show any ear infection problem or digging at ears.
Has anyone used these meds? Any suggestions?
We have tried positive and negative reinforcement etc....
PLEEEEEEase reply !!!
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Hi there
I took the duplicat post out of the behavior forum. We try and keep things together so it's easier to get replys and follow along.
It sounds to me as if he is just aging. He is probably not adjusting very well to loss of sight and maybe a little hearing loss. It's not uncommon for cats of his age to go through this. There's a few things you can try. You can limit acess to rooms he is very familiar with, make sure there's plenty of light where he goes, such as nightlights at night and you can put a radio on to see if the background noise helps. If not, you really may want to consider an anti anxiety drug. Being 18 he is probably very scared of some new changes. I would talk to the vet about the different options. Some are far less likely to cause problems. If you want to try a natural route first, you can try Dr bachs rescue remedy or Be Calm. Both you can find at a local health and nutrition store.
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Sandie, thanks very much, i'll look into Dr bachs. We have left lights on right at his fuzzy cat beds, and radio/stereo. Indeed, something else has to be done, that is consoling some med might not be so bad, but i'll get to the health food store first.
And sorry for double entry, i didn't see it and tried again, the problem is sort of both areas
Thanks !! for moderating, i've been here for an hour searching for a message forum.
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Make sure and let us know if the Dr bachs is working and if he's a little more comfortable!!
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