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vibes... please

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first day of school tommorow. I'm a wreck, i cant stop crying. I can barely eat. I just am so scared, and i dont want to face it without joel. I'm such a burdon on him though... he told me he couldnt handle it today and got off the phone. I feel miserable... may i please have some vibes that this will go well tommorow.. no panic attacks, no crying? thanks
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Oh, honey...I'm sorry that you are so nervous. Sending you tons of strong vibes. You can do this!!
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awww you got vibes and you know you can pm me whenever you need too
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You will do just fine!!, we all got your back!!, good vibes your way!!
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Trust in TCS vibes! Everything will be ok!!!!!!!
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More good vibes your way!
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What kind of 'school'? Good luck to you.
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Stay strong, you'll be fine

Lots of good vibes coming your way
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just highschool... i did end uo having a small panic attck... luckly the nurses are nice.
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Glad to hear that you are ok!.
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What year in high school?? Do you play any sports,band, choir, any activities interest you that you would like to try???
I hope your day at school tomorrow goes well sending you vibes {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}
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I'm terrified for tommorow. i have to ive a really small speech but ....its talking to the class... not something that i want to do. I'm so upset about joel not being there and i know there is not way to change it. I'm still feeling horrible. The nurses may give me a permanant pass so i can go whenever i need to. see... what triggered it today was... i'm scared of coughing. I had a coughing attck in 8th grade and am still so scared... i hate being in the class and coughing, and obviously the feeling of no control. I just dont like it, like whnen you get a tickle, but yea so i got a tickle and i paniced... pathetic no? I'm really hoping this gets better... i really dont like this at all.

im a jr... its sposed to be your best year... im begining to not belive that. Oh and i just volunter at the humane society, nothing in school.

thanks for the vibes everyone.

God bless
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I hope you do well in school, sometimes when I'm paniky I think about my kittens playing and it relieves the stress. School can be hard on the emotions, just remember all the TCS members are here to talk to you and to listen. Good luck!
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Do you have someone (professional) you can talk to to help you out with this, and give you medication if needed? So sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. If you're not already seeing someone please do look into it...there's a good chance it could make your life so much easier!
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