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Sweet Scooby

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Our sweet cat Scooby Crossed the bridge on Jan. 19th 2002. He was hit by a car after he asked to go out to play. My Husband & kids had a funeral in the backyard & buried him. We had Scooby from 3 weeks old when we resued him from sure death after abandonment. He was only about 7 monthes old. Scooby was a beautiful black cat. The Friendliess cat I've ever had he was a lover boy. He will be truly missed Out new Kitten is great but she is no Scooby.
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I am very sorry that Scooby is gone from you. Please know that we are thinking of you.
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I am soo sorry. I think it's great that your family had a nice service for him - I think it's good for kids to understand that it's okay to be sad for a pet and grieve. I had my kat for 11 years and I had to put him to sleep just recently as well. Although I have a new one, no one will take the place of Romeo. He was my boy....

All of them are soooo different... I hope you new kidden does well!

Good luck and best wishes

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Princess Persia,

it's always so sad to loose a friend, especially when it's a special pet... Grieving is so hard but it helps... I am sure your furry friend is at Rainbow Bridge...

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I'm so sorry. My little Snuffly lost her fight for life last Saturday night, and I know just how you must be feeling.

Thankfully Scooby was loved by you and your family for most of his short life. I know that your new kitten can't replace him, but I bet she's completely adorable in her own way.
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She is if you want to see her just go to new cats on the block & look for NEw persian Owner.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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Princess Persia,
I am very sorry to hear about your loss of Scooby. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Just remember, that playfull furry friend of yours is anxiously waiting for you at the bridge. But, for now, he is up there playing with our furry loved ones.

Forret's Mommy
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I am so sorry to hear about Scooby....my inside cat always wants to go outside, and would be miserable if I didn't let him, but I am always afraid something like that will happen to him, too, and I know how crushed I would be if it did, and so I know how hard this is for you...but just remember...she was happy, she wanted to go out, and it is not your fault. You were a good cat mom, and Scooby is running around somewhere over the bridge, waiting to see you.
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