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Wish Me Luck

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I have my bag packed, my schedual memorized, and my supplies set up.......
Tommorow morning I will be stepping foor in a classroom for the first time in 5 years, and will be taking my first classes on my path to becoming a vet tech!!!!!

I'm super excited, though while over at my parents house my parents dog made my allergies flare up.....something that hanst happened in years...(not a goos sign for ths particular major... )

But other than that I am all set, and hopefully what i learn will not only help me in my future line of work, but I also will hopefully beable to help those in need on here.........

So I was hoping for all of you well wishes, and good thoughts for my big first step

Love you guys
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I wish you the best of luck!!

You should be so proud of what you are doing!!
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Oh, good luck!!!! Sounds like you are well on the road to a wonderful career!!
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Thank you so much you too....your support means a lot to me
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Best of luck and have a good first school day!
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Much luck to you my friend!
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Very best of luck. It is so wonderful when you know at last what you really want to do and can do it. And it is so worthwhile what you are doing, too.
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How exciting! I really wish I'd done something like that when I went to Uni. Very best of luck, I'm sure you'll be great
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First day done......yaaaaaay ...........

Vet parasitology and medical terminology........

Thats a lot of latin words....words which spelling counts on the tests.....oops
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Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.
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GOOD LUCK! You're going to do great and make TCS so proud .
You must be so excited thinking about how many kitties you are going to help!
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Aw Bridget, I'm glad you're so excited with school! yay! And don't worry, you'l do well, I know it!
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Good luck, Bridget!
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eeek thank you everyone!!!!!!!!! totally made me so happy with all your suppot....I you guys........even the prospect of latin seems easy when you guys have my back.....
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Originally Posted by jcat
Good luck, Bridget!
... ..absolutely!!! .....good wishes on the way!
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