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my cat just had surgery

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for a recurring spindle cell neoplasia (peripheral nerve sheath tumor). he had similiar surgery 2 years ago but this time they had to amputate a toe. the biospy came back and now the vet is recommending an 18 course radiation therapy plan or complete amputation of his rear left leg. the cat, sonny red (yes, he has a brother sonny black) 12 years old and i'm not keen on either treatment. i was wondering if anyone has heard of this type of cancer and what any one of you would do in my situation. thanks in advance.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your sick kitty. I myself don't have any expeirence with that type of problem but I am sure there are many people here that will be able to answer all your questions.

I only wanted to send you my prayers.
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Welcome to TCS

so sorry to hear that your kitty has cancer I am sure some members will be able to help you out with your questions but your best to post in the "health & nutrition" section of the forum where are experts will be able to see your post.

sending lots of thoughts your way
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

My best wishes to your lovely kitty......

See you on the forums !!!
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I, too, am sorry about your cat. I hope he's going to be alright!

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I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our members with the most expertise will be sure to see it.
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Sonny, I'm so sorry you are going through this with your furbaby. Honestly, I don't have experience with this type of cancer in a cat, but I do have with amputations and think I can share what I would consider if I were in your shoes.

You mention that your baby had this 2 years ago and it has now recurred. I would discuss with the vet what the odds are for it returning if amputating the toe and going for radiation versus amputating the leg. The reason I would ask that is that your kitty at 12 years old "could" adjust (and they do quite readily from my experience) to a full amputation now...but if you just radiate & amputate the toe, a cat at 14+ years likely could not accept a full amputation at that age. Most vets are very leary about putting senior cats under aenesthesia, and if it recurred and you couldn't put your kitty under, then you would be faced with the decision of putting her down.

No vet will ever tell you there is "zero" chance of recurrence, so if I were in your shoes this is what I would discuss with him.

Again, my heart truly breaks for you and your kitty. Thank you for doing what you can, and we welcome you here to TCS...although I'm sorry it's under these circumstances.

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Sorry, I didn't finish that sentence properly...

"a cat at 14+ years likely could not accept a full amputation at that age" - is missing, "if the cancer was to return again at a future date".

Sorry for that.

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Hi and welcome to TCS! I don't have words of wisdom but I can send vibes and say prayers. TCS has board magic that has performed miracles for lots of people and their owners (I don't know if you've ever seen What The Bleep, but this stuff really works). You're going to love it here!
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Sending hugs & prayers!
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