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Melissa from Palmyra, VA has contacted the Network for help for the animals at the Caring for Creatures Animal Sanctuary.

The Caring for Creatures Animal Sanctuary normally has capacity for 50 dogs and 150 cats, and we are usually filled to capacity. One week ago, we received notification of a horrible situation. An elderly couple had approximately 107 dogs and 16 cats on their property, and the husband had passed away. To make a long story short, the wife surrendered the majority of the animals to Caring for Creatures. As you can imagine, this has put a strain on our already limited resources, both financial and in terms of volunteers.

Because of the huge number of animals, we are caring for them on site for the time being. We have spent the last week cleaning out pens, mowing grass, getting critical medical care to animals, and just trying to get them fed on a daily basis. Now we are focusing on finding placements for the animals. We would really appreciate anyone (individual or organization) who could take animals, or people interested in fostering or adopting an animal. Most of the animals are actually quite sociable and friendly, so we hope to see them placed in homes. In addition, we are in need of supplies, financial donations, and people to help feed and care for these animals.

Unfortunately, the timing of this situation couldn't be much worse. Most people are donating to hurricane relief, understandably, which is making it hard for us to raise funds for this. Without assistance, we will not be able to save these animals. We have information posted on our web site:

Anyone interested can contact Caring for Creatures at (434)842-2404, e-mail the sanctuary at, or e-mail Melissa personally at