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Hi, There, All!

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I've been on another board for the past few years, but it was for all pets and was very heavy on the dog side. I, ahem, do not care for dogs so I was beginning to feel very left out. Besides, an ex-friend was also a moderator and the reasons he was an ex-friend were the same reasons I felt uncomfortable posting to a board he moderated......but that's enough of that - don't want to TMI anybody on my first post!

So I went in search of another board, hoping to find one just for KITTIES.

And this is how I found y'all!

I am a single middle aged woman with a teenage son living in the North Texas area. I have had cats all my life. I fostered cats for about 5 years, but haven't done so in about ten years except for one little kitty about 6 years ago. I also used to work for a vet about 10 years ago.

These are my kitties:

Big Mac:



They are all littermates. Their mom is Peaches:

You can read all about them on our website:

I hope you enjoy them, and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Welcome. I am glad you have found us. I love the picture of Pepper. One of mine likes to expose his belly too. Hope to see you posting often.
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Hi Cooie!! Nice to see you found the site and I love your kitties!! How adorable...I love Big Mac's eyes!! I have a kitty named "Ninya" she looks very much like Pepper...and Mommy "Peaches" is gorgeous!!

Please post more pics...but in the meanwhile I'm going to go visit your site

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Wow, I just got back from your site and I love it!!! I love the nickname you gave them too!!! Oh sooo cute those pics are! I'll give you mine if you'd like to go see too. These are just four of my babies...I plan to get my others up really soon since I just put up the site not too long ago. Cat's Crib and Kitty's I don't have a whole lot of pics, now that I saw your pages, I think I should put a little more history of each of my kitties. I love how you talked about them, I felt like I was at your house! hahaa!

I guess when I go to my site when I'm away from home, I feel like they're with me...
Don't mind me, I'm just crazy about cats !!! :LOL::LOL::LOL:

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Yes, Catarina, I was quite impressed, too! Notice I don't have any pics of ME on my website! Ha ha! I have a very good personality, so to speak!
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I think you have a beautiful peronsality! :daisy: I think we'll become very good buds!! At least I hope so!

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Welcome Cooie - I have enjoyed looking at your fur family!
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Hey I just saw in your post that you used to foster cats a few years ago, I was just curious if you found it hard to give them up once they found a new home to go to. I've been considering helping the new shelter that was just built in my area by fostering for them. Any advice or insights?
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Yes and no. I love all kitties and in that respect, I wish I could keep all of them that crossed my path. But, you know when you get them that they will eventually go live somewhere else, and with that in the back of your mind all the time, it makes it at least bearable when they go! Although I can't say I didn't shed a tear when they went!

Although, I must also say, I don't know anyone who has ever fostered for any length of time that didn't adopt at least one of their fosters!

I think anyone who has the room and the kitty behavior expertise should foster. Of course, you have to understand there are some risks (out-of-control scaredy-cats, communicable diseases) but with the proper precautions and lots of kitty experience, you can usually avoid these problems.
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I've had kitties pretty much all my life, but I'm still learning in the area of behavioral problems. Maybe I should study up on it a bit more before I undertake this? I'm thinking on volunteering at the shelter a few days a week too, just to see what its all about Thanks for the tips.
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Hi Cooie

Welcome to TCS. I can't believe how much your Big Mac looks like my evil cat Merlin. (don't worry - we really love him, even when he is evil). Hope to see you on here often.
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Hi there!
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Welcome. Hope you love it here!!:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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Cooie...I missed your welcome thread before...so I just wanted to say Welcome here, even though it is a little late!
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Went to your site! NICELY DONE!!! Cookie has the prettiest eyes!! I've got 2 orange tabbies myself. Hopefully within the next couple months, I'll have enough pics to make a site myself. Welcome aboard!

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Thanks, everyone!
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POOR PEPPER! She just needs more hugz and kisses..... She's very pretty! Not ugly.... PPPOOOORRRR PPPPEEEEPPPER!!!!

BTW - welcome!:tounge2:
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This is Pepper. Can I come live with you?
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the introductory stages with Jake and Jinx now - nerousis has set in - I'm all set for a while.... :tounge2: :tounge2:

I think she's cute as a button.....

Jake is smelly sometimes too (ack)....
Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you.... smelly smelly smelly.....
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