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still has worms

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Trapped kitty almost a year ago when he was about a year and a half old. He's becoming friendly and purrs. Problem is he has round worm long thin stringy things. He was vomiting them up when i caught him so he was treated with drontal a few times, they went away but come back usually after 2 months or so even when the stool sample is positive, He then was treated with the other "pyradoxine" something like that spelling is wrong i guess that drug paralyzes the worms. That seemed to work but there again a stool came back fine and no vomiting for almost 3 months. Well he vomited yesterday and now the doctor put him on Drontal again. Will i ever get rid of the worms?? Which medicine is best? Beginning to think the vet knows nothing. He said the worms live in the tissues. Any ideas?
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The roundworm larvae can live in the tissues of the cat or prey animals. Drontal doesn't kill eggs or larvae. So it's possible to become reinfected after deworming. Does this cat go outside?
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Dewormings need to be repeated to be effective since one dose won't reliably kill every parasite in the GI tract.

Since you know you have roundworms, I would recommend trying Strongid. It is much less expensive than Drontal and very effective against roundworms. Drontal is the better broad-spectrum dewormer but you don't need to kill the tapeworms and whipworms that your cat doesn't actually have.

Strongid is usually given twice, two days apart, and then again two weeks later. Then re-check a stool sample and see what's still in there.

And just one more warning - after a deworming with Strongid, expect to see a LOT of roundworms come out - possibly out both ends! This is a good thing because it means the cat is getting rid of the worms in his digestive system. Just, um, don't plan to serve spaghetti for dinner on the day you give him his dose!
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Originally Posted by semiferal
Just, um, don't plan to serve spaghetti for dinner on the day you give him his dose!
Oh boy, what's this strange sensation I have in my stomach!! Yeah, Strongid, good suggestion!!
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Kitty was treated with drontal a few times since last november and then in the spring he was treated with Piperzine.Now they are trying drontal again. What is going on here? Vets seem brainless these days what is one to do? He has roundworm but the vet never suggested strongid. Cat is indoors and is getting 200% care as do all of my animals
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Your cat must have them bad!! Especially since its and indoor cat-do you have any other cats?? If yes do they go outside?? My vet usually has me treat all the cats I think they can get the worm eggs from the shared litter boxes. I've used drontal for a long time but I know I've have a liquid I've used also-I'll have to look what the name is I dont' remember it offhand.
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no shared litter boxes.He was a feral (semi) so I'm still getting him tamed, though he does run around the house but sleeps in his own room. Will try a diff vet and get liquid drontal.
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