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Just a share

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Hey guys,

been so busy lately, don't know if I am coming or going, but now our computer class is going into the realm of the Internet, so it has gotten so much more fun to go to class. I learned something last night, thought I would share with you. If you go to Google Search and type your name in quotes into the search field and click Search, you might be surprised at what you will find. If you are published on any web page, your name will come up, if there is any information on you geneology wise, it will also show up. But you have to encapsulate your name in quotes or it won't work. It was pretty cool to scroll through and see all this information available on the Internet.
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I had heard this before and done it. It's really neat to find yourself or people you know. I was surprised at a couple of places I came up on the net. (Get your minds out of the gutter, people).
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Ha ha! It seems I manage a car called "Lucky Dip" driven by Barrichello/Coulthard. It's a Benetton/Jordan car in the 2001 Fantasy Formula 1. Huh.

I'm also on the track team and yearbook staff at Cavalier School in North Dakota as an 8th grader. Amazingly, I also managed to receive a State Board of Education Certificate of prep Studies for my work at Oak Park High School, where I'm a senior, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Wow, I sure do get around!

No info on the 'real' me though.
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Boohoo! My name doesn't come up for anything! Nobody loves me.
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I tried that once several months ago (that's how I found out about Google and have used it exclusively since) but even though my first name is uncommon, my last name is a very very common verb, so me and my family are all over the internet!

I did find a few legitimate ones of my bother, though, since he used to be a writer in the army - a few of his articles are posted or are in the footnotes of other articles.
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Wow hissy thanks for that share - amazing what comes up
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well there was 1960s singer in the UK with my name - wow didn't know she was that popular.
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