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Introducing Ziggie!

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My husband and I went to the animal shelter today. We walked into the cat area and a cat immediately caught my husbands attention. Being the person I am, I looked at them all (had to give them all attention). Eventually we picked two to look at Ziggy and Jet. Jet was very laid back, liked to play with the toy. Ziggy however, as his cage papers stated, was very "In your face!" kind of cat. Pet me, love me, play with me and pet my belly. Pretty much all at the same time. So when the decision came - it was Ziggy. Hubby was pleased. He also told me that on the way home that I had made a good choice - becuase as soon as he laid eyes on Ziggy - he knew that "he was the one" for us - and he was coming home with us wether I knew it or not. Gotta love my husband!

As you can see from one of the first pictures - Ziggy is having a hard time adjusting - NOT! As you can also see, he has a white spot on his tummy! Such a cute little belly! Not sure how old he is as he was found as a stray - the shelter estimated 1-2 years old. The older gentlemen who found him calls from time to time to check on him - they said he would be pleased to know that he has found a great home. He came into the shelter 3/31/2005. Just waiting for us!

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Oh Tracey, he's already in the "otter pose" . He's definitely feeling at home!
What a handsome boy! And he's so lucky he found y'all because now he has 2 new loving parents and 4 fun siblings to play with! Congrats!
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Awww...kisses right on that little white spot! What a cutie!! Congrats!
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Awww, Tracey, he's gorgeous and so lucky to be adopted by a "black cat addict!" Congratulations!
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What a cutie!!, I love his little white spot
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Adorable!! I look foward to seeing more pictures!
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so happy for you & your new cutie - has he met his housemates yet? if so, how're things going?
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How adorable! He is definately loveable, congrats on the new addition to your family!!
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We conferred with the adoption counsler - she didn't seem to think Ziggie would have any troubles adjusting - if we did - she gave instructions on keeping him in a seperate room for a bit and introducing him slowly to the rest of the house.

We introduced him to Andy. Andy sniffed him carefully.... gave him a look as "Should I know you? You look familiar but you smell funny" Andy hissed, Ziggie ignored him. Max sniffed/hissed, Salem hissed (is now hissing at Andy too) - Raven's look was "oh no, not again! Just keep him away from my sleeping spot!" Overall - pretty dang good response!

He has been home less than two hours - he has investigated everything top to bottom. He approves of the cat room with all the trees. He approves of the cat trees scattered about the house. The litter boxes and food also meet his approval. He dosen't even bat an eye at the birds - except to give Harely a dirty look when Harley screamed.
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Oh Tracey! I missed this thread! it is wonderful! What a handsome little guy he is and I love the pic!! It's so wonderful you gave another angel a that I just caught up with you you adopt another!
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Tracey you picked a little beauty there You can almost read his mind in that picture " I'm home! "
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omg he's lovely! congrats Tracey!
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That's Great!!!
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He's a handsome little guy. No wonder you wanted to bring him home.

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Hubby just informed me that the spelling is Ziggy - not Ziggie.
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Originally Posted by Talon
Hubby just informed me that the spelling is Ziggy - not Ziggie.

LOL, Jerry is always spelling Petals with a "d" He says it is Pedals since he found her on the bikeathon, Pedal to the Point!
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Ziggy has been continuing his investigations of the house... he has spent the last hour in the cat room. So far I have seen him resting on 3 of the 4 cat trees... trying them all out I suppose to see which one feels more comfy. Everytime I go in, he gives a meow a purr and head butts.
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He's a beautiful boy-I love his little white spot & the color of his eyes! He already sounds very sweet, I'm sure he'll fit in soon.
I hope to see more pics of him!
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Ziggy's beautiful!!!! Sounds like he's loving his new digs!!
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hehe another black kittie!
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Awwwww he is a beauty and looks like he has made himself at home already! Congratulations!
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How's Ziggy today Trace? Where did he sleep last night?
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Awww Tracey - Ziggie is adorable. I can't believe such a lovable kitty was in the shelter all that time. You're right - he must have been waiting just for you
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He didn't do a heck of alot of sleeping! He was meowing here and there all night. We'd call him and he'd happily come running. He even tried to sleep in the bed with us - however the pre-existing 4 would have absolutely none of it!

I am happy to report that he did eat, used the litter box and took a 4 hour cat nap this morning! I can hardly wait to get home.

For the first day, things went much better than I had hoped for with the pre-exisiting crew. I'll have to get better pictures when he settles in a bit - everytime I call his name for him to look at the camera - he rushes me/the camera in excitement.
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Tolstoy was exactly the same - he spent the first day and night Yiowing at just about everything. He slept with us too and is now a beautifully adjusted kitty.
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Here is an exceprt I sent a few friends of mine:

When I came home from work today (after spending the day with Phil) he looked at like me: "Hi!" "... I think I remember you".

I sat down on the floor hoping he'd come to me. So meanwhile I called Salem... Ziggy looked up and I saw the look that said "Oh you want a cat - I'M A CAT!@!!"

He comes running towards me, take a running leap at my chest - knocks me flat on my back and then proceedes to head-but and purr my face. He was so happy he rolled off my head and was laying there on the ground - still trying to headbut me from a belly up position

I truly think this one thinks he is a dog.
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Ohhhh, what a LOVE!!! He is a keeper!!!!
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