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As far as you know...


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Um, I wasn't saying this was boring me..........those were my guesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be my Baby?? ( now, thats a guess Ken, not a come on. )
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I skimmed a few of your posts and all I could see was Blond Moment and once you called your wife, Babe. So, I will guess, "Blond Moment
Babe". I could read them all but I have work to do. This is a fun guessing game, however.
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I like your guess Miss Whitney!!
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Hrm......Blowing my Bubbles????

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I hate this game!

My second guess is
Brady's My Buddy
I'm taking the Go Patriots thing as a clue, although I dont think Buddy is right, I do think Brady is.

Oh hell, I have no clue! :LOL: :LOL:

(Wasn't that a great game??? )
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Baffled My Brains
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Me and Buford give up........and will just wait for the answer. I cannot figure out anybodys!!!!!!!!
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Thank you for playing the Imagyne Network game of guessing for no apparrent reason. While all of your guesses were very good ones, no one has provided the right answer, therefore the prize will roll-over to the next contest. THAT'S RIGHT you'll get your chance to see 2 pieces of juicy information.

Here were the clues that were given during game play:
The first was given in this thread, which would have led you to this one. There was also another hint in this thread that would told you that the certain letters in the post made up the answer.

Originally posted by Imagyne
Whole milk (Bordens) YooHoo
Calories 150 130
Fat Cal 70 10
Fat 8g 1g
potassium 0 140mg
Carb 11g 29g
Cholesteral 35mg 0
Sodium 125mg 180mg
Protien 8g 2g
Vitamin %
A 6 10
C 4 10
Calcium 30 10
Iron 0 6
D 25 10
riboflavin 0 10
niacin 0 10
phosphorus 20 10

Milk does have more calcium and slightly less salt and 15 % more calcium, but on the whole looks like YooHoo wins..

Had you seen this post, this clue was left..

Originally posted by Imagyne
........You might also be interested in participating the the BMB Contest you can find it here

And since your new here's a hint...it's made up of a quote from one of our very own users!

And had you put all of these together you would have figured out.....

Originally posted by Catarina77777
I guess I have an eccentric sense of humor...

When that was initially sent to me, I thought I'd bust my bladder.

Thank you, please drive through......
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*beep*..this is game computer 1 speaking. The answer given to the previous query does not match the original entered. Therefore it is WRONG...have a good day. *beep*

Hey,don't blame me,the computer said it!!!

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You'vr got to get rid of that Commadore 64...

Step into the new millenia man...

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So busted my bladder is it?

KF, hate to start somethin els but what does yours dftd mean?
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That is my "official title" and "degree". :tounge2:

Several years back,when I had my own small company I noticed a certain "reluctance" by the management types I had to deal with. They were mostly unavailable to speak to a mere worker,but fell all over anyone with a couple letters behind their name.

Soooo..I had a batch of business cards printed up with my self-granted "degree". The difference was like day and night. I got handshakes and welcomes fron all these high-powered clowns. They would look at the card and you could see their "mind" working. "Geez,this guy must be REAL important,I've never even heard of this degree." You could tell they dearly wanted to ask but were afraid of looking stupid. I never had any probs with that attitude after that.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

I still use it.

Oh,forgot it stands for...Dumb F----- Truck Driver!!!!!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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