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Multiple Cat-households

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Do people think you are crazy for having a multiple cat household?
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We only have two, but we talk about them so much I'm pretty sure some people think we're weird
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Oh, yes! My son was calling me the crazy cat lady when we had only 4. I'm sure he would be highly embarassed now that we have 12. And the people at work...well, they just kind of give me a funny look, smile, maybe chuckle a bit, and look away.
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People think I am nuts because I have so many cats. I have 10 inside/outside cats, and 15 ferals. My one neighbor on one side detests me because I am known for crawling under his porch (unannounced) and retreiving a litter of ferals, or chasing orphaned ducklings down to the creek in the hopes that an adult duck will find them and adopt them. My other neighbor says I am "weird" and she is tired of my one cat sleeping on her car. LOL

But my house is clean, it does not smell like an active litterbox, and my cats are healthy and happy. I cannot go into a room without having to move a cat from somewhere- and laundry day is always fun, because if I don't have akitty in the laundry basket, then I have one dug deep down inside a pile of clean clothes. They "help" me brush my teeth, take a shower, clean the kitchen, make the bed..They are a source of endless delight and all have their special quirks that endear themselves to our hearts. I cannot imagine a day without a cat in it, and when one leaves us, another finds us. I sum it up in this way: Cats live in the moment, and they are the greatest teachers of patience, the givers of smiles, the receptacles for tears. Their purrs are our nightime lullabies, and their paws are capable of capturing our sorrow and delight. Don't just have one cat, but have more than one and you will find a world of chaos and light, of frustrations and sorrow, but it is a world unlike any other in existence. Your life is richer, you smile bigger, you wallet smaller, but your rewards are greater."
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Hissy, that is positively poetic. Brought tears to my eyes. Sums up exactly how I feel about my cat family.
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People think my husband and I definitely have a screw loose and they assume our house is dirty! When they come over the comments are always the same, "I didn't think your house would be this clean," or "Your house doesn't smell," or "I never knew cats were so friendly." I like to think we are teaching the general public about the wonderful experience of having many cats own you - but sometimes I just think non cat people are dumb. Why does my house have to be dirty or smelly just because I have cats? BTW, Sandie is the queen of clean - you would never know she had cats, a dog, a kid or a husband - I am always envious when I go to Sandie's house - AND I have a weekly cleaning lady.

Anyway, we who love cats know....
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Hehe, thanks Rene, I just finished cleaning the whole house right now.
Yes, having 11 or more cats at this point is a lot of work, but it is well worth it! They give so very much back. I could not imagine my life with less than I have now. I can only see the #'s growing. It's nice to know there are more people out there who try and take care of these guys.
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People do look at me funny when I say I have cats. It's like they think it's a disease or something. There face crinkles up and they say "oh" like I'm weird. They automatically assume that my house is messy and smelly, and are suprised when they come to visit. I even had one person comment when visiting that she thought my house would stink from the litter pans. I'm a very clean person and constantly scoop, and change the pans on a regular basis and it just bothers me how some people judge us for having cats as pets instead of dogs. My boss at work makes jokes about it. The other day he asked me "What did you have for lunch today? Cat food?" I just looked at him like he was a nut. He says one day I'm gonna turn into a cat. Whatever!
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that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, they want to come back as one of my animals. LOL
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That's funny Hissy. My friends tell me the same thing. They see how spoiled my cats are and think it's unfair. (Jokingly)
Everybody at work thinks I'm crazy for having so many cats and they always joke about it. My boyfriend is always saying if I had to give up either him or my cats it would most likely be him I'd give up. You know what? He's right. My cats love me unconditionally, they don't argue, they don't yell, and I can spend time on my computer and they don't whine about it.
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