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My stomach is in knots!!!

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And full of butterflies and caterpillers! My husband should be calling any time now to tell me to head over to get him! He called about 11 am to say where he was and give me an approximate time. He's really back on American soil now! I'm excited and antsy and just very not myself! I can't wait! I can't sit still! Vibrate phone VIBRATE!!! (I'm at work...not supposed to be on here either!)
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Oh my goodness!!

I feel your excitement and I'm so happy for you!!!
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Leighann, you must be so excited! I'm excited for you!!!
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Oh wow, that has to be a WONDERFUL feeling! Is he on leave or is he redeployed?
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i was going to say.. where was he?
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How wonderful!
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How wonderful! Will he be home for good or will he be redeployed?
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I am so happy for you both. He truly is a hero in my eyes! And I am very glad he is coming home safe!
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I know you must be sooo excited!!
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Oh how wonderful, how long will he be home? My stomach would be in knots too! (Good knots of course!!!)
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Well I'm mostly all calmed down now. Mooch and Noodles are adjusting to daddy being home well so far. They've gotten as close as sniffing his feet! I'm still in knots somewhat. It's overwhelming having the day you looked forward to for months finally come. Not to mention going from being alone with the kits every night to having human companionship!

My husband was deployed to Iraq. He's Air Force so his job is 'safer' than some. This is his 2nd time there and he's been to Afghanistan too.

This should be his very last deployment. He gets out of the AF in 6 months and will be going to college. I'm very proud of him, but deployments are stressful.

We also might have been on TV. There were a few news stations there and other reporters. One from the base took my picture when I was kind of just leaning against him. But when I found him in the crowd we were right behind a family they were videoing and interviewing...which means they may have taped us exchanging a lil smooch or two....
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I am glad to hear he is home safely!!!
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Must be such a relief for you! Now you can both get on with living the rest of your lives, knowing that he's home for good
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Oh such good news!
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PleaseTell your DH, From one Vet to a Brother Vet .
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