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Possible to train Kitten to not eat my birds?

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I'm not sure if anyone has ever had this problem, but I really need some advice. Before my bf and I got our little Inky, we had two birds. We have a cockatiel and a small parakeet. They are in a cage most of the time, but we do let them out from time to time to fly around and get exercise. Now I love all of our animals...is it possible to train a kitten to not eat a bird even thought it's instinct? If anyone can offer advice I would appreciate it, othewise I will just be extra careful when the birds are loose to keep little Inky OUT!

Brenda & Little Inky
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My cats do not bother my birds while they are caged.
While my birds are out, however, the cats are safely shut away in the bedrooms.
There isn't any way to untrain instinct, if your cat is a born hunter the birds will be at risk.
Shut the kitty in a bedroom with toys, food/water/litter when your birds are out stretching their wings.
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I agree - put the cats away when the birds are out. While the kitten may try to chase and catch, its not a risk I'd want to take. I've seen pictures of cats/birds where the bird is sitting on the cat's head, but all it takes is one time you are not watching!
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I won't even trust 'safe' cats.
Cat/dog/human saliva contains pastuerella bacteria, cats groom, get covered in cat spit.
This bacteria is highly toxic to birds.
I won't even let my cats sniff my birds' feed/water bowls.
Bird grooms 'safe' cat, injests bacteria, and dies.
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Make sure kitty is in another room when you play with your birds. I just lost a baby canary to my 4 month old kitten because I didn't shut the door to the bird room and the baby got out of the cage. Unfortunately, the kitten found the canary before I did!
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I just want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences. I know now that I will not let my little Inky near my beloved birdies. I will make sure she is in the living room while I play with my birds separately. Thank you all for your advice and guidance~it is much appreciated!

Brenda & Little Inky
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Definately not let them out unsupervised! As was already said kitty or any other saliva is not good for birds. My smaller birds (budgie, parrotlet and love bird) are in their own room. And while the room is open during the day (birds are however in their cage) the bird room door is shut at night - just so a cat dosen't get any ideas and gives the birds night fright.
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