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Trouble..dont Know What To Do About Urinating!!! Help!!!

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OK, I am not sure what to do next. Here is my problem and someone please help. I have 2 cats, both females and the older one is approx 9 years and the younger one approx 5 years. My mom moved out last November and my husband has alwasy stayed with us before we got married but he officially moved in right before my mom moved out. I dont know which one is peeing on stuff. If I have laundry, dirty or clean, in the hallway or getting ready to put away in our bedroom someone pees on it. There litter box is in the corner of our bedroom where it always has been. And there is a spot right infront on the litter box that they pee on. I caught the older one doing it in the hallway and I yelled and spanked her, not hard. I got a car floor mat aond put it over the spot that htey had been peeing on in front of the litter box and the younger one trys to dig that up and then she pees right on it. UGH, so I caught them both. The carpet in front of the box in soakin wet from cleaner (resolve, and clorox mixed with fabreeze and water). I cant get it to dry, unless I keep it uncovered and a fan on it, but i cant really do that because they might pee on it again. I am sooo stressed out and I dont know what to do anymore. Last night I dumped out all the litter cleaned the box and put new littler in..hopefully that helps..they only do it sometimes..they will do it for a while and then wont do it for a week or two. Ugh, someone please help me and tell me what do to before I kill 2 cats..lol..
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Hi 2BadKitties (like the name LOL). OK my first response would be -- do either of them have health problems. There may be a vet check up due...is it both kitties who pee or just one? If both, then it may be a behavioral thing, esp if they keep doing it in the same spot every time. That means they can smell the marking, so they keep doing it.

My advice would be to keep cleaning with what your cleaning with, but invest either in a Feliway diffuser and/or spray. The spray is wonderful, my cats have been extremely calm in normally high-volume stressed-out areas and I would SWEAR it was b/c of the Feliway spray. When you are done cleaning the area, spray some Feliway around it, and spritz some (or keep a diffuser near) the litter box so they are in a "comfort zone."

I think others on the board will echo that spanking or other "corporal punishment" does not work for cats like it does for dogs. It's easy to do that to cats, but they associate agression with either fear or redirected aggression, so it could potentially do more harm than good. You may benefit from putting another litter box elsewhere in the house. Just so one doesn't feel "trapped."

Best of luck to you...def invest in a Feliway though
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blue_monday_88 - I forgot to mention we also have 2 dogs we got the first one in October and the 2nd one in Feb. They leave the cats pretty much alone. I heard about this product called the comfort zone that you plug in. I wonder if that would help also. The spot in front of the litter box where they are peeing is soaked with cleaner and is really clamy to the touch. I cant seem to get it to dry. I dont know what to do there, I am scared to leave it uncovered in fear they will just pee there while I am gone at work. Should I replace that peice of carpet with new or just let it uncovered and a fan on it one day? They seem to only pee on the dirty towels and jeans in the hallway but nothing else. I think I am going to take them to the vets just for a check up. They keep telling \\me to figure out which one it is..but I think I have seen both doing it. UGH, so stressing...
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I thinkl Comfort Zone is the same as Feliway -- I think the full name is "Comfort Zone Feliway Spray" or diffuser depending on what you get. A little pricey but worth it, I think!! I can only imagine how nutty my cats would be without it.

Possibly, if both are doing it, maybe then one is sick and the other is smelling her scent and following her lead on doing the same thing. I know, it's frustrating, esp when you can't find them in the act but even if you get peace of mind from the vet as far as health, you know it's behavioral then and you can work on it then.

Also, definitely use the link Tux left above...this board has given me so much great advice introducing my cats
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I am going to order some of them both...thank you very much...kip
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Before you do anything, make sure you get the cats to the vet. It sounds as though one of them may be suffering from a urinary tract infection. Make sure they also draw up a full senior panel on any kitties that are older than 8 or so (one is nine, correct?)
Once you've ruled out physiological problems, you can work on the oh so fun psychological issues.
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I am taking them both to the vets on saturday. What is a senior panel?? I am going to cut out that peice of carpet no matter what and see if the wood is wet, if it is I am goign to have my husband replace it ro let it dry out. We are doing that tonight..I cleaned there litter box and put all new litter in it so maybe that will help to.
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Leave clorox and any other ammonia products out of your cleaning solution. Cats smell the ammonia which is similar to a unrine smell, and it encourages them to pee in that same spot. I know you mixed it in with several other products, but remember that their sense of smell is very acute.
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