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ok to switch yet?

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Scooter is going to be 9 months on Feb. 15th ...... Is it ok to switch over to adult food, or is it better to wait still? I am guessing he weighs around 10 lbs. When he got neutered in November, he weighed 8 lbs. 5 ounces. I am wondering if he got the smaller genes? He & Gizmo came from the same parents, and Gizmo just turned 1 years on January 5th. Gizmo is a big boy! Is it possible Scooter is just a slow grower? He is a medium-sized bengal, similar to Tigger's size, but with big feet! I was hoping he would be a big guy like Gizmo, too ..... Tigger, Gizmo & Scooter are all on Eukanuba Kitten food, still, but Scooter eats adult food, too.
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LOL, they are all different. I don't think I have ever seen more than a few in a litter come out looking the same or close. IMO it would be fine to give him adult food now. Especially since he is neutered and will not be quite as active as a whole kitty. The kitten food goes straight to the gut..LOL
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Wow! Big kitties! My adult cat Poppy is 3 years and weighs 8 pounds! My kitten is 7 months and I think he is huge, but I'm not sure what he weighs. I'd guess about 7 pounds, maybe.

I thought you feed kitten food for the first year. That's what it says on my bag of food, but who knows. Also, I know that big breed puppies take longer to become full-grown, and need puppy food for longer. Someone here told me Bengals reach full size later than a year. Maybe you can call your vet and ask? My vet and staff are really awesome about answering my questions when I call and are so helpful.

To tell you the truth though, my 3 year old eats kitten food! I couldn't figure out how to get them to eat separate foods, and as she's eaten kitten food her whole life (there's always been a kitten around since we got her) and she is at an ideal weight, I don't see a problem. If we try to feed them separately, Poppy will scarf down the food so fast she vomits it back up. She needs to have food around always or she gets nervous; she was neglected and abused before we got her.

I am so off track on your question! Sorry! Like I said, I'd call your vet.
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You are right about bengals growing past the first year. From what I've been told by other breeders, they usually reach full maturity at about 2 years! I know that there are some breeders who even suggest feeding kitten food til age 2 .......

About the activity level ........ Scooter is still nuts! :LOL: Scooter & Gizmo both tear around the house .....
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Loki my 21 month old Bengal baby boy was about the same size as your Scooter at nine months. He is now around 12.5 -13 lbs - all muscle - just a lean mean Bengal machine (hehehehe). My Mother who only sees him ever couple of months or so keeps insisting that he is still growing - I see him every day and don't notice the change. Personally I kept Loki on a mixture of kitten and adult food until he was 18 months since he was thriving on it. He is now on Adult and doing great. Hope this helps.
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You probably just don't notice it on him....... Every now & then I look at Gizmo & he looks like he is getting bigger. He has got big shoulders, and doesn't have a belly. :LOL: The mixing of the adult/kitten food sounds like a good idea! Did it give Loki any stomach problems?
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No tummy problems - just increase the adult food
the same way as if you would switch brands - a little at a time. Good luck !!!! and pleanty of huggs to your babies!
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Well, I switched them over today. I bought a 2 lb bag of Eukanuba kitten & a 6 lb. bag of Iams ocean/rice dry food ..... Course Gizmo recognized the smell & had to go pig out!
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hehehehehe - kitty pigout.......
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Tigger seems to be losing her pudgey tummy, which is a good thing!
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I am sooo glad things seem to be working out!!
XOXOXOXOXOXO to your furbabies.
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