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I am so sorry. Words do not seem like enough at a time like this. Rest in peace, angel kitty.
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Originally Posted by Sims2fan
I keep remembering force feeding with the syringe and she was crying. I made her last night in this world terrible. How can I ever forgive myself. I can just see her wrapped up in the towel crying as I keep putting the syringe in her mouth.

I didnt mean to make her suffer.

I'm so sorry Dani.
Please don't blame yourself! i know just how you feel - my Medley died almost immediately after i pilled her - i was sure that somehow it was my fault, even tho she had been going downhill for over a month. you did what you needed to do to try to save her, & she understands that, now.
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Originally Posted by Sims2fan
Dani just passed away at the hospital. Our hearts are breaking. The vet said she probably would have died sooner if we hadn't loved her so much.

Rest In Peace Dani you will never be forgotten sweetheart.

From reading your posts, I know you did everything you could to help Dani. I am so sorry that she is gone. Please don't blame yourself for her passing.
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I can't stop thinking of the last time I saw her. She was downstairs at the vet and I went to see her to say goodbye. They were hooking up the IV to her little paw and she looked down at her paw, looking sad, but too weak to even mew anymore.

My heart keeps breaking remembering this! Does this ever get any easier?

I love you Dani!
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I've never been in your situation myself .....yet But all i can say is to treat it like losing a member of your family, which is to take it one day at a time, because lets face it, our animals are our family

If you want to cry then do it, if you want to scream why?!, do that as well, if you want to talk about it, theres 100's of us here to listen to you

Don't keep it bottled up inside because that'll make you worse.

What i also want to say is to try and not think of Dani at the vets, or when you had to force feed her. Take her pictures out of how you do remember her and keep that memory of Dani in your thoughts
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I agree with Rosiemac. Remember Dani how she was before she was at the vets. You did so much for her and gave her so much love!

It will get easier, over time. How much time it takes depends on you. I'm still strongly grieving Sunni, but not with the intensity of the first few days. Make a memorial for Dani. Talk to people who have lost pets. Do research on the internet to find sites for online memorials. This is how I found The Cat Site. There are so many things you can do. We are all here to help, don't be afraid to take us up on the offers.

Take care of yourself. Dani would want you to do that, too. PM me anytime you want.
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Thank you so much for your kindness! We have made a little shrine for Dani and I go to that quite often and light the candle.

The problem is so many of my memories of her are sad or filled with worry. She cried a lot because she was in pain and when she did not cry it was only because she was sleeping.

I suppose my nice memories of her are when I stroked her and she purred. She purred quite loud for such a little thing!

I really miss her!

We are looking into getting another Siamese kitten so in a way she will always be with us.
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I am so sorry to hear of Dani's passing. Don't ever blame yourself when you only had her best interests at heart. She is at peace a place without pain. Rest assured you were a very good mommy.
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Thank you Miss Mew that was a very kind thing to say!
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Dani would want you to do that as well because this will help to heal your broken heart a bit knowing that your giving another kitten a loving home

No one will ever take the place of Dani, and the day you stop thinking of Dani is the day she dies, and i know you won't ever forget her
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I am so sorry to hear about your lose of Dani!!!! I remember reading the tread last week about you having to take her to the vet 2 hours after purchase... My goes out to you!!! Dani is a sweet baby angel just like my Averee They are pouncing on eachother right now!
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I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved Dani. I have been following this thread, and hoping for her to improve.

Remember that you adopted her, and found her to be in ill health almost immediately. Many people would have returned her to the breeder, or just allowed her to fade away uncared for. You did everything possible to give her a chance to live. Had you not force fed her, she probably would have passed sooner. It is so difficult to provide care for our furkids when they don't understand.

You asked if it will get better. Yes, it will get better and less painful, but you will never forget her. Best of luck in finding another kitten. You have a lot more knowledge now, although it was gained in a very painful way. I'm sure you will find a good breeder, and get a very nice new kitty.

I will watch for the post and pics of your new one!
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I'm so sorry that you lost Dani . Some events in life are too senseless and sad for us ever to truly grasp.

I know she is at the Bridge, looking down on you with love and fond memories of all you did to ease her pain .
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Once again thank you to everyone who has posted. We finally adopted another Balinese kitten we called Mica, she remindes me so much of Dani of what she might have been like healthy. I really believe that there is a part of Mica that has Danielle. Mica is so sweet! She is certainly a lap warmer who loves her mommy and daddy, she even smells like Dani.

I really feel that she is how Dani would have been with a healthy body. She has helped filled the hole of grief that has been in me since Dani's death. As you can see from pic Rocket loves her too!

Sorry for rambling but I wanted to update you guys who have been so caring.

Thank you.
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Awww. I am sorry for your loss. Mica is just precious and I am glad your Rocket likes her, too! Hope you find the time to keep us updated in the future.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
I just discovered your thread about baby Dani.
You did everything that any human could do.
RIP sweet Dani.
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I am so very sorry to hear about Dani,
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Awww, I'm so sorry about little Dani.
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I'm so sorry. RIP Dani
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I'm so sorry, you were so nice when Smudge died. I know exactly how you felt, force feeding her, it was to help her, and if she didn't know then, she does now. RIP little Dani, Play with Smudgie over the Bridge.
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I just found this thread, and I am so sorry for your loss of Dani. I know for sure that she knew you were trying to help her, and I know for sure that she knew you loved her and she loved you back. I know that because I have a cat that survived an experience like that, and she always comes up and gives me extra love since that happened. I really believe they understand us.

Mica is a sweetie. Give her a big hug and kiss for me.
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Thank you again for all your kind words! I'm sure she and Smudge and all the other kitties are having a lot of fun together no longer in any pain.

"Mica is a sweetie. Give her a big hug and kiss for me."

She just got smothered in kisses !
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