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Irresposible Breeder

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This is a summary of my previous thread that was closed due to people going off-topic. I bought what I thought was a ten week old Siamese kitten but turned out to be a six week Balinese whom I called Danielle. Within an hour of her purchase she became very ill and had to be admitted two nights at the vets. This cost me about £418, I am a student with no job, and this upset me. I called the breeder who offered to pay part of the bill. I found out a few days later that she was actually six weeks old and had not been weaned.

When she came home she cried constantly and would not eat or drink anything, this was very upsetting. I could not afford to take her to the vet anymore for now. This was when I decided to try and make the breeder pay the entire bill. According to TSO (trading standards) she is guilty of misrepresentation.

This is the link for the GCCFs code of ethics:

She also has not sent me any paper work (either transfer of ownership or her pedigree certificates.)

Does anyone know of legal age that kittens can be sold in the UK? Is there even one?

I cannot imagine how much poor Dani has suffered. This woman was the expert how could she separate a baby kitten from its mother before she had been weaned. This whole thing was so unnecessary as I would have waited for her until she was older.
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Oh my that's terrible! I've known many a person like that. Forgive me, but is the GCCF also a registry? If it is, you should definately take the persons name and address and mail in a formal complaint.

It sort of concerns me that the kitten wasn't CFA or TICA regsitered as they are also in the UK. It could very well be that she was already thrown out of those registries for similar reasons.

Because she lied and gave you false information on the breed and the age (and hasn't given you any paperwork) I would sue her for the cost of the majority of the cost of the kitten and all of the vet bills.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard of a legal/illegal age to sell a kitten, and many people place strays at 6 weeks, so I don't think she can get in trouble on that aspect (but definately could for telling you she was 10 weeks). The big registries say that kittens should be at least 12 weeks before leaving mom, and 16 weeks in many cases. Hope I'm being helpful.
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Most registries suggest 12 weeks - at east here in North America - and most reputable breeders place kittens only at 12 weeks or older (some aim for 16 weeks depending on the breed). There may well be a registry you can contact in the UK? I am guessing this woman is a not a member of any of them or has lost her membership fot obvious reasons.

I hope your kitten will get better!!
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We got Bijou at 8 weeks and he was just fine. Mika was around 9-10 weeks I believe and she too was just fine. I guess it really depends on the kittens and how strong and healthy they are to begin with.
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Sims2Fan the GCCF suggest that 13 weeks is an appropriate age for a kitten to leave its parent - see this page
Lily and Tolstoy came from a UK breeder. Lily was 18 weeks when we brought her home from her breeder's house. She had been to the Vet, received her first vaccinations, certified FELV free and had been certified fit and free of illness or congenital defect by the Vet. She had also been wormed and received flea treatment.

We were also sent home with a "goodie bag" the food she had been eating, her own food bowl, the litter that she was used to and a litter tray of the same type she had been using.

The situation with Tolly was slightly different, the breeder took him back when his first owner died. But again, before we collected him he was Vet checked for good health and the first owner had received the same kind of information/care that we had when Tolly was first sold.

I'm sorry and Dani had such a bad experience with this UK breeder.
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Hi there, I apoligise for the other thread going off topic and being locked. It was partly me to blame.

I've had a look at the GCCF page, as it is in LONDON we are dealing with no where else and they RECCOMEND that kittens stay with their breeder until they are 13 weeks of age, which isn't set in stone which means six weeks is acceptable. Sadly.

Just remember it's the UK we are talking about people and not the US.

I'm sorry your kitten is so poorly.
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Its ok. I've been to the vets and been taught how to syringe feed her. He thinks she is going to be fine. I tried out feeding her this way it wasn't fun but at least I feel like I know what I'm doing.
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SimsFan, I hope Dani gets better very soon.

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It's so good of you to keep the kitten...I think a lot of people, perhaps even me included, would have returned it to her in hopes of looking for the siamese I was really after elsewhere. Maybe its destiny for a 6 week old Balinese to become your 10 week Siam!
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I am glad you have decided to keep her - the poor thing has been through enough! You will probably find that in a few days she will accept the syringe feeding very easily - both Dushka and Ellie did. And it is a benefit later if you have to give them meds as they don't fight it.
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Dani passed away at 6am in hospital. As she drew her last breaths they called and asked me to put her down. We agreed.

Dani I love you so much!

Rest in Peace.

Thnak you to all of you who never met her but cared more than her cruel breeder. You really have restored my faith in people.

The breeder I will try my best to get her barred from what she is doing. This should not have to happen to eveyone else.
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Oh no, that is horribly sad. RIP Dani!
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Oh God no that is dreadful! I am SO sorry - you should sue this woman I swear that is unnacceptable the amount of heartache and pain you went through, not to mention how much money you spent.

How many other poor unfortunate cats is this woman destroying?

You poor, poor thing I am so terribly sorry for all the pain and hurt and anguish you have had, and for your poor sweet Dani who obviously never really had a chance.

May she rest in peace and may you find comfort in the fact that she is not suffering anymore. I hope that this does not take a hold on you for a long time to come.
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Oh no! Poor Dani.
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Aw, poor Dani. Bless you though for caring for her.

Run that breeder down. She has no right to do that to people. She should reimburse you the price of the kitten, the vet bills, and damages for the time and emotional loss you suffered.
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I'm so sorry, and hope the breeder will refund all your money.

That reminds me of the time I bought a breeding rex from the same breeder we got our first one from. We had her a few weeks; all was fine. One day she stopped eating and we didn't know that when a rex stops eating for more then 2 days they can die (this was a 4 month old kitten). We got the first one at 7/8 months old.

Anyway we called the breeder and told her and she thought we were lying about it. She told us on the phone she'd replace the kitten. Fine; however when it came time to have another kitten, she wanted to charge us additional money. We got in an argument (nothing in writing) and learned our lesson about written contracts.

We didn't buy another kitten from her.
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So sorry to hear that Dani has gone to the bridge. I hope that you are able to have this irresponsible breeder barred! Sending you cyber hugs as well and hoping that when you feel ready to get another kitten you get your dream kitten next time.
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Thank you for your support. I still cry all the time for her but I channeling my anger to bring this woman down if its the last thing I do. I promised Dani this the last time I saw her and I intend to keep my word. Thank you for all your support.

We are looking into getting another kitten so in a way Dani will always be there with us.

Sometimes I think I can still hear her...
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[color=Black][size=1] and my condolences on Dani
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What a sad ending - though you must not let it end there but do everything you can to avenge Dani. I do hope you are able to stop this breeder.
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