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Smokey is missing

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I looked after my sisters kids last night and she normal hides when theres alot of people about. I just assumed she was hiding and sleeping last night but ive not seen her since 10 pm last night which is along time going by the last few weeks. Ive searched the house and theres no sign. My worry now is that during all the chaos of my sis picking up her kids she managed to get out. Oh my god what if she had the kittens outside. Out of my mind with worry going to go outside and call her.
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Calm down - there is every chance that she is still in the house and just hiding well. If she senses your panic she will not come out. Go and look in every room slowly, lying down to see things from a cat's angle. And it might help if you put a bowl of her favourite food in the middle of each room. Then if you can't find her do the same outside, maybe sitting calmly while you call her name. HAs she been out before? If so she will probably know her way home. But please do not worry yourself into a frenzy yet - it will do you and her no good at all. though I understand your concern for her and hte kits.
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Thanks your right im getting my self into a state over probably nothing. She has been out before tho not since discovering she was pregnant its quite a quiet close so she should be ok if she is outside. My only real concern is that shes had them near/in the bins across the road as its collection day today. Fingers crossed that shes in th house still or comes home with a belly full of kittens still. Going to search the house again.
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Then I would get your priorities right, thinking of her. Go and search around the bins, again with some of her favourite food, calmly calling her. Look at anyplace she might be making a nest. And watch the bins as much as you can, especially during the collection. Have a word with the garbage collectors too. Good luck, you will find her.
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[quote=jennyranson]Then I would get your priorities right, QUOTE]
how exactly have i got them wrong?
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I'll move this to SOS for you.

Jenny isn't having a go at you when she said to get your priorities right sweetie, she just mean to concentrate on looking for the cat, but staying calm in the process.

Keep us updated, but whatever you do, don't show your stressed because like Jenny said the cat will be able to pick up on those vibes
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Oh no, the last thing I meant was to get at you, with all you are going through! I am terribly sorry if it came over that way. I was thinking basically that if Smokey is in the house she is safe, and she will come out at some point. If the garbage men are coming then that would be your priority immediately - to check that she is not somewhere where she or any newborn kits, could come to harm. I do hope you find her soon.
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Ok maybe i took it the wrong way because im worried. i had already thought to check the bins where i could and my cat is very verbal with me so dont doubt that had she heard me I would of at least got a reply from her if she was hiding in there. If she is in the house she is doing a very good job of hiding I cant find her and she would of come out for food by now and never hides this long. before we discovered she was pregnant she would go out for very long periods of time so she will be ok. I guess im just very anxious as she has been stuck by my side for the last few weeks. I have looked everywhere I can think of so will just have to wait and hope she is ok.
Thanks for all your advice.
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She isn't in any cupboards where the doors have been accidently shut has she?.

I've lost count the times Rosie or Sophie have wandered in the wardrobe just as i've been shutting the door and never saw them walk in until i realised they were missing
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The lost cat info site has complete info on how to go about searching for a missing cat, including how to search based on your cat's personality. It's helped several people I know - I hope the info can help you locate your Smokey.
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If your cat is close to due date she could be looking for a place to have the kittens (I know this from experience!!) Look under the mattresses and sofa in case there are rips in the bottom. I hope you find her soon.
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I hope you find Smokey soon. Please keep us posted.
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Tiara was missing for four days, she pushed out the screen and took off. She was down at the neighbors in the back yard. Everytime the neighbor brought her back she would run back to her back yard. She was been home a week and two days now, is about ready to have her kittens anyday now. I hope you find Smokey, look around for dark quiet areas around your home. Good Luck
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Omg Ive never been so happy to see her lol. I just thought I saw something through the glass in the front door and opened it up and in she comes starving the poor thing. Still seems pregnant but is eating now and seems skinnier so wwill give her a proper check over in a while. That front door is not being opened again unless ive triple checked shes not near it. Thanks for all of your support gonna go see how she is now.
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Oh thank goodness for that!! I love to hear when they return

You have to have eyes in the back of your head when you keep them in
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Im soooooooo happy ive been worried sick all day searching/thinking/looking every few minutes. She is starving poor baby she has been eating loads lately. ive just put down her second pouch since she got in and ive a feeling shell be needing more. she feels very skinny already and its not even been 24hrs spose them babies are using it all up. shes acting like nothings happened and ivebeen so worried the ungrateful moo well i spose ill go through all that again when my kids are teenagers lol.
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Just give her some food little and often incase she vomits
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At least you can give teenagers mobile phones! I am so pleased she is OK and htat there is no harm come to her or her unborn kits. GIve her a big hug from me.
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good to hear that she is back!!!
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awww thanks youve all been so kind and supportive. ive given her a big hug from all of you. Now will you all hug yourselves from me.
Its nice to know that there are people that truly understand how im feeling.
thanks a million
From Hayley and Smokey

cant you just feel the in this forum lol
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YAY!! A happy ending!! Welcome home, Smokey!
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YAY! Thank God!!! I'm so happy she is safe!
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Smokey has given birth to 3 kittens this morning you can see more in the pregnant cats and kitten care forum under OMG its happening thread lol
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Wow she must have known home was the place tohave the kittens!! She might want to sneak out a few days after she had the kittens-so watch her carefully!!
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dont worry nobody is getting out of that door unless Ive made sure the coast is clear ill be driving everyone mad soon lol.
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OMG! thats so awesome!
worying you to death and then all that good news
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