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Yum, toilet water

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I need to discourage my cats from drinking from the toilet, especially as I'm trying to encourage them to use the toilet for its intended purpose. Is there anything I can add to the toilet water to do this? I thought about adding vinegar?
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Wow, you're training your cats to use the toilet? I wish I had the patience to teach mine!
Why don't you just keep the toilet lid closed and open it when you need to use it?
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Well I would, but that would thwart my toilet training efforts. I'm also concerned that because cats rarely eat where they use the bathroom that they'll stop using the toilet, which is now toilet/litterbox as we're in the middle of training (and they've come so far I'd hate for them to go back to a litterbox). I was even thinking that vinegar might have an odor similar to pee and make them think twice, but I don't want to mistakingly give my cats something bad for them.
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My Molly used to love drinking from the toilet, but as soon as I bought her a water fountain, that stopped.
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I'm sure vinegar isn't good for cats, and assumed the smell/taste would be unappealing. However, trust a cat to prove you wrong! Turns out my boys really like vinegar! They love pickled things, especially olives, and when I use vinegar for cleaning hard water stains, I've caught Pushy licking it up!
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WOW. Toilet training a cat? I couldn't even begin. Mainly cuz Hammie drinks from the john, just like your cat. Hrm what an interesting paradox.

I'd suggest either dealing with him drinking from the toilet, or just stick with the litter box.

I keep the terlet lids DOWN in my house, and I have a sign posted on all 3 terlets with Hammie's photo on it!
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Don't cats dislike citrus smells? You could pour a bit of lemon juice in the bowl.

But, then, they might not continue toilet training.
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I just purchased a fountain, we'll see if that helps any.
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Rina there are kits you can buy that have a cap that goes under the seat where the cat's waste goes, thus preventing the cat from drinking out of the toilet. A bad practice to get into because of the danger of bacterial infections or slow toxins from cleaning products. Most of the people I know that try to toilet train their cats are only successful for when the cats urinate. The first time the cat gets splashed in the rump with the toilet bowl water, the training stops because the cat refuses to use it again.
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Thanks, I'll look for those! After putting fresh water near the bowl they opt for the fresh water dish. The problem is I work all day so I can't be filling bowls with new water 24/7.
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