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I have a question

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I know this may be a dumb question, but I like to give my kiddin's tuna juice when I make tuna. Is this healthy Not Healthy:confused3
They LOVE it obviously, but I dont know if it is too high is soduim for them or something like that. I dont give it alot, only as a treat when I make it. Any imput would help

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I spoke with Angela @ the shelter and she said it is not good for them! Go figure No more for Jake and Jinxy!
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A tiny bit every now and then is fine. Just don't replace their cat food with tuna. The tuna does not have Taurine which is essential for cat health. Also, tuna has mercury in it (from polluted water). Small animals, children, and pregnant women should have tuna only occasionally (no more than once weekly) because of the mercury!
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I'm going to move this to the health & nutrition forum where it will get the attention it deserves

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Cool, I don't actually give them the tuna, just the juice, and not that often, like every couple weeks. I can't resist them they are SO cute, when they smell it they stand up on their hind legs and put front paws gently on the back of my legs and meow so cutely

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Yes, it's okay as long as it's a treat on occasion. Sometimes people use it to get the cats to eat if they aren't feeling well. I know I can't stand the tuna in oil, but if you like it, the oil would be a little more benificial.
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Wherever this winds up..I've been feeding Tic and Tac canned tuna for 8 years now with no problems. I use the packed in water flaked tuna.
Of course they have dry catfood too as they wish.

I've been in catfood plants and you DO NOT want to see the crap that's put in those tins.

Personally,I can't STAND tunafish. YUK!!!!
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OMG Kittyfoot!! What are you doing in this neck of the woods
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