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Cat Attract cat litter

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Has anyone tried it? do you like it?

I am not a big fan of clumping cat litters, but Spooky seems to be developing a liking for laundry. Right now I have my old cat liiter in the box's with some of the cat attract litter sprinkled on it. I have caught Spooky playing in the litterbox since I did it.
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A friend of mine had a kitten (who two different vets said was Just Fine) that was peeing on her couch and bed. She finally discovered that litter and the past few weeks he hasn't peed on either one since.

Honestly, the litter itself isn't that appealing. It's a sludgy clay litter. But according to her the not-peeing on the furniture is pretty nice.
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That is why for right now I am just spinkling about a cups worth on top of my regular litter.
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That is a good idea, I will suggest it to my friend.
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I bought it when I first brought my kitten home (I later found it he was only 5 weeks at the time). Anyway, he loved it, I've since changed to a more economical clumping litter (he's not a fan of the pellets - big digger) but either way, we've never had an accident from day one (knock on wood! )
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Spirit likes to pick on Spooky so I think the problems are coming from that. I am trying to think of places to put more litterbox's ( I have 7 down already), but there are just someplaces you don't put a litterbox (like the kitchen). Spooky spends alot of time in the living room, but I have 2 poodle puppies that are confined to the living room (for housebreaking) and they would love nothing better than to go through the litterbox's and clean them for me.
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Pixie was having some peeing outside the box problems, so after a course of antibiotics the vet's office recommended the cat attract. Since I started using it, she hasn't gone outside the box even once. Now I've got a mix of regular clumping and the cat attract and she's still fine. It worked like a charm for us!!
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