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I went shopping at the grocery store today to pick up a few things. As I was being checked out the clerk said "Here you go, ma'am."... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to school with her (she was in a younger grade) and I only graduated 2 years ago so she is not much younger than me!!!

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It's the polite thing to do when you're in the service industry. You call the customers "ma'am" and "sir" no matter how old or young they are.
I've been called ma'am by people MUCH older than me.
It's just polite.
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Same here...I'm only 22 and I've been called ma'am many times. It does make you feel rather...mature....I guess though.
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She is what alot of people are not these days: polite. She was most likely just showing respect. I at first was hurt by being called maam... but then I thought if they called me Miss - then do they think I am younger? Only time the younger part comes into play is at work. If one of my guys at work called me miss - I do beleive I'd be tempted to slug them (only mentally of course). Now 3/4 of the call me "Boss" - not sure if that is any better - but I haven't caught them snickering at me yet. ...
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I know just what you mean! I'm so thankful there are still those polite individuals who show respect by using their manners, but it just makes me feel so old!
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Maam!!, I hate being called that too!!, I know that it is the polite thing for people to say (and I'd never get mad at them for doing it) but it makes me feel old.

When I was an instructor I used to be the head air cadet teacher at our school and the cadets insisted on calling me of the other instructors found out that I hated to be called that and so they started to call me this day that is my nickname!
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I hate it, too...but have resigned myself to the fact that it's due to manners, which can't be a bad thing. Sigh.
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yeah.. that happens to me too... madam this and madam that... oh boy.. makes me feel so old!!!
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Lemme tell you it's worse in the south.. If you're old enough to payfor anything you're ma'am and sir'd to death. Though, I myself call my boss sir more than anything else. My uncle expects a "yessir" or a "no, thank you, sir" from whomever it is that he asks a question.
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There, there... It happens sooner or later. Just pull up your rocking chair and have a good sob.
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I was just so shocked.. she is only a few years younger than I am. I don't use the term too often but when I do it's usually a person who is obviously older than I am. I wouldn't consider calling someone my own age ma'am.. I'm only 20. lol
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Erm, doesn't matter if a clerk is 17 (I'm 48) they'll be "sirred" and "ma'amed" if the occasion and manners warrant . Must be a "Southern thing."
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Lemme tell you it's worse in the south.. If you're old enough to payfor anything you're ma'am and sir'd to death.
or honey, darlin' and sweetie.
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I say Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir all the time. To family, friends, co-workers, & strangers! I even say Yes ma'am to my daughter who is only 8!

Manners and Respect are GOOD THINGS... I don't think it makes you old or feel old or anything like that. I think that lots of people in this world forgot how to be polite & respectful to each other, so when I hear the yes ma'ams and yes sirs, I smile.

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I fill up my car at a local full service gas station where the young attendant calls me "Miss". The gas costs more, but it's worth it.

I too was shocked the first time I was called Ma'am. I know it's polite and all, but it did make me feel very old.
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I feel old whenever I am called Ma'am also. It does occasionally get balanced out when someone asked me to see my ID when I am buying alcohol. A few times I almost lept across the counter to hug them!
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well for the employee to cal you ma'am or sir comes with the job. I find my self saying ma'am and sir to kids younger than me. Just being polite is also anouther this that goes with it.

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I have to say "Sir" or "Ma'am" at work- even if my guests are teenagers. It always feels kinda funny, but you have to do it!
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I worked various jobs as a cashier, short order cook, or waitress while in high school and college. That was in the northeastern U.S.. Customers were always addressed as "ma'am" or "sir", regardless of their age, and they addressed me as "miss".
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I am 16 and been called "Sir" god knows how many times... Even outside the servicing... Sometimes I give the impression of being so old, that I once was out with a girl and somebody thought she was my wife... Let's just say, it does a good work to act very relaxed, like you own the place, speak intelectually and fake a Castillian accent.
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I have always addressed women as maam. It isn't meant to be offensive. It is meant as respect. Just as I call all men Sir. I wouldn't want anyone to think I thought they were old. Just respected.
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I like being called Ma'am but it's very rare in my country.
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