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do you get good lovin'?

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Do your cats love you right back when you're affectionate? My Wiggies is always good for a cuddle. When I bend down to kiss him, he head butts me so it's a good solid kiss!
Pushy on the other hand usually runs when he sees me coming (he's the smart one). Lovin' is given strictly on his terms only!
How about your cats?
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Skinny definitely responds and returns my first moves of affection.
QT tolerates it and will remain for the duration.
Wawa, he is a bit strange. I know he enjoys it but holding him is like having a limp furry thing. He only purrs and just stays still. Not stiff, just limp.
Joji is like your Pushy. Her rules, her ways. But still, she's my favorite!
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Mine are always crawling up for a snuggle. Mooch loves to sit on my chest and has gotten into rubbing her head on mine. She tends to knock my glasses off in the process. Noodles had me carrying her around when I was trying to clean houses today. They love thier snuggles!
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My baby girls love to snuggle, such sweet love!
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Clinton prefers to get his lovin' whenever he wants, but he's used to me picking him up and loving on him. Either way, I always end up with kisses on my nose and lips. I it! Nothing in the world is better than kitty kisses!
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Sophie is definately the love on her own terms type. I still pick her up for a lovey when I need it, and she puts up with it, though!
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Alfie will allow me to make a fuss of him anytime, especially if I pick him up and let him sniff the high up places he can't ordinarily reach

Max loves to ride around on my shoulder, but purrs and kisses are when he wants them! He can be encouraged, but he has to come to me.
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Harley loves to give kisses! When we got back from our long weekend at my parents house he didn't leave my side all night! Being without him for 4 days was horrible! He was full of love when we got back tho! He usually gives kisses to anyone who picks him up! He's my love bug!
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My tabby baby likes to come up to me when I am lying down in bed and butt his head against my face... Then he would sit down on my neck and cuddle with me... soooooooooo sweet =)
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Katie is always ready to cuddle, the same with Gracie who also gives kisses upon request. With Pete, the lovin' has to be on his terms but, considering that he was six months old before he even felt comfortable letting me touch him, that's fine with me.
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Cupid's really clingy, so no loving is ever enough for him. When I love on him, or anyone else does, he completely eats it up and rubs all over people. When I'm at the computer and he's not sleeping he'll curl up on the desk (I covered it with fur) between my arms at the keyboard and push his head on my lips for kisses.
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Sometimes Mitts loves it, like yesterday when I got a full lick on the mouth!!

Other times it's on his terms, like today when he was annoyed and softly bit my cheek and scratched and bit my arms (we have just quit giving him anti-biotics which we give by mixing with Gerber baby food. He was REALLY mad that there wasn't the usual baby food coming.)

But he will not sit in my lap no matter what.
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Lovin' has to totally be on Josie's terms. She'll put up with me for about 15 seconds if I pick her up. Then she wiggles to get down. She's most cuddly at bedtime. She likes to curl up in my armpit with my arm around her. Sometimes she wants lovin' in the morning while I'm getting ready for work. Sometimes she'll jump up on my lap while I'm watching TV. A few times she's even gotten mad at me because SHE was sitting on my lap and I had to get up.
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I can't keep Snickers & Hammie off of me. They BOTH are always ready to give AND receive massive amounts of lovin'. Snickers follows me to the bathroom at night and then back again, running to his spot on the bed! He won't let me go back to sleep til I give him my arm and he wraps his paws around it.

Dusty & Jessie are both lovers, too, but it's usually on their terms...

K.C., only at certain times, she's real introverted... and Zorro? He acts all loving and sweet but he changes his mind real quick & bites ya.
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Cassie nor Napoleon are really "lap cats" but will give me kissses when I ask them

The other affectionate things they do, well really Cassie, when I get home from work and I ask where my babies are, she drops on the ground, stretches out as faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr as she can, and rolls around a few times. (She is kind of mad at me now b/c of bringing Napoleon into her life but...) she will sometimes purr for five minutes when I pick her up to give her love back When I wake up in the morning, if she's "in the mood" she will lay on my chest and snuggle for a few minutes before she gets annoyed LOL

Napoleon does some lovey things sleeping on my pillow or waiting next to my towel when I get out of the shower in the's almost like he's my personal servant...ready to serve me LOL
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Originally Posted by danalee2682
Clinton prefers to get his lovin' whenever he wants, but he's used to me picking him up and loving on him. Either way, I always end up with kisses on my nose and lips. I it! Nothing in the world is better than kitty kisses!

i'm with you, danalee!

my two kittens are the same way. snooker has been slower to warm to me, but he lets me pet his back now, and sometimes, like early in the morning, he'll roll on his back and let me give him tummy rubs! blossom is my baby girl...she cuddles up on me and touches my face with her paws. it's so cute because i'm 6 months pregnant and don't really have room for a kitten in my lap, so it takes her a couple tries to find just the right spot!
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It's good to get good lovin"!
Nothing like a snuggly cat to put me in a happy mood. Even if I've had a bad day, a quick cuddle always cheers me up. I like it when they come to me, instead of vice versa, 'cos then I know they (maybe) love me too!
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Sunny & Hobbes definitely respond to love with "kitty hugs" of the head-butting. Sunny is the kind that just can't lay down while being pet...she HAS to strut during the whole's adorable!! Another cute thing...when Sunny hasn't seen me for a while, she sniffs my mouth until I give her a kiss on the nose. Our babies are so SWEET!!
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