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Cat Boarding for timid & sensitive cat?

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I'm in a situation where I will be homeless for 2 weeks as I have already given my notice but the place that I've got lined up isn't available until 2 weeks after I move out of my current house. It's hard enough to find a place for me to stay for two weeks let alone my cat who doesn't like change.

The only option I can think of is to take him to a kitty boarding house/resort for the two weeks and visit him daily (if I can get there when the kennel is open to the public). I'm not sure how he will react though to new surroundings as he hasn't always been the most receptive and gets peed off . . . literally. He doesn't immediately take to strangers although he has been notably better in that respect and begins to warm up to them little by little after a day or two. However, I wonder how he will fair in new surroundings with totally new people. He's an indoor cat and has never been outside except to move to a new home so he hasn't been the adventurous explorer that most of my other cats in the past have been. I don't want to tramatize my cat and want to avoid that as much as possible. Any suggestions?
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Hi Miremba, I've got an extremely sensitive and moody cat, she is extremely shy. You might be better off trying to find a dedicated pet sitter, someone who can take in your cat for two weeks. They may be $$, but if you don't want, as you say, a "peed" off cat when you get her back, if she's isolated with someone to play with, give her food and water, and a roof over her head, this may be a good start. See if your vet can give you recommendations.

If that's out of your price range, do you have any parents, relatives, friends, etc who have no pets or one he can be isolated from for the next two weeks. If you provide food, water, litter, etc maybe one of your friends and relatives could take care of him?

I know that if I were in a situation like that, I would totally hook Cassie up with a friend or relative that would be dedicated to taking care of her . Good luck
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I'm not really worried about my cat peeing in my own space once I get him back since I can clean it up all well and good. I am worried though about someone taking my cat into their home and having Giles pee in some far off corner where the smell is never to be found but always detected for years to come. I would hate to have someone have to deal with that. There is a kitty kennel nearby that plays with each cat on their own for an hour or more each day and also has a large room for them to play in for the day.

Unfortunately I don't know any people in this city that would be able to take in my beloves Giles as most of my friends and family live on an island while I live on the mainland. Even if I took him over to the Island for him to have a mini-vacation, everyone there has either a cat or a dog so that's out of the question.
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From my experience working as a kennel tech, I can say that many cats do not handle boarding well at all. I know my stuff when it comes to cat handling and I've still been shredded by a couple of stressed out kitties when trying to medicate them.

However, if the cat is healthy and does not require medication, this isn't a particularly big deal since they can be as ticked off as they want and no one is going to be harmed. I would never say that boarding is preferable to the cat being in his own familiar home with a petsitter, but sometimes that's just not an option and you have to do what's realistic.
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