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It's Very Cold!

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Last night, when I left school and waited for the bus, it was so cold that when I breathed the air, it hurt. When I got home, I was half-froze! I watched the news for the weather and foumd out that yesterday morning was -5 below, the lowest its been in six years. At the beginning of the season, whenever people whined about how cold it was when it was in between thirty and sixty, I told them I've been to colder places such as Buffalo. Now, when I hear them, I agree with them. I got home, took a hot shower, and put two pairs of pajamas and socks. Actually, they fixed the heater so my room was all nice and cozy. But this morning, I didn't want to get up. I was all nice and warm and I dreaded going out into the frigid weather. But with a big mug of hot coffee, dressed in a turtle neck and sweater, I braved it. It turned out it was -5 below again. I'd like to thank you Canadians for sending the cold weather over here(just kidding). It's going to be cold for a long time. The highest it will go is 22.
Cat, can I move to Florida with you until it's nice and warm again here? (just kidding). So are any of you freezing up north?
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Are you going to get to go to the Olympics???? Wouldn't that be awesome! How much snow do you have????
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Hey Alicia! I know what it is like to be cold & I hate it. Right now, the weather we are getting (huge snow storm) is actually coming in from the States via Chicago & Detriot. This is the first major snow we had this winter - I was hoping ww wouldn't have to deal with it, but them's the breaks when you live in Canada. Hopefully it will warm up soon for you, but not get too warm for the outdoor Olympic events. Try some hot chocolate or hot apple cider - they work wonders.
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No fun being so cold you can't get warm!

We used to call that a lazy wind: It's so lazy it would rather go through you than around you!

Keep your ears and fingertips covered! Frostbite is no fun! Yes, I sound like your mother: Wear a hat! Human beings lose huge amounts of body heat through the head so that will make the biggest difference for you. (Gotta keep that brain warm!) And if you are outside for a while, wrap your scarf up over your mouth and nose so the air isn't so cold to breathe. Good method: Put the center of the scarf up over your mouth, wrap it to cross at the back of your neck, wrap it forward to cross over your chest and put your coat on over it to hold it in place. That way you can move the mouth bit up and down easily as needed.

Enjoy your cold snap! (as if)
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I spent 6 months out of every year for 12 years at the South Pole... Cold... -80 without the windchill, now for having grown up in Arizona, and very happy with the fact that I could actually get out and cut the grass when it was 125 outside, I HATED it when I first went down there. But it grew on me, and i eventually got used to it, so used to it in fact that when it got to be say 0, that was short sleeve shirt with no jacket weather.
Here in New England when it's like 25 I'll go to the store with no jacket on and walk past all these people that are dressed like its pouring down snow and get the oddest looks... the good part is that when it hit 45 or so, I get out and bar b q ...

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I hope you don't go out in shorts like I've seen some people do. They are crazy. I get all boundled up and start daydreaming about the beach. I like the cold too, but not freezing!!!! I like the snow too, but when it snows, it dosen't get too cold. Yes, there is plenty of snow for the Olympics, especially in the mountains. I don't mind the cold, as long as is above 20 degrees. Anything below and no. The best thing about the cold is taking hot showers, getting into my pj's, have some chicken soup and hot chocolate, and settle down in my bed with Rascal's warm body curled up next to me. With the heater on!
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Nena,you're welcome. We know all you Southern Folks really envy us the icicles that hang off our noses in the winter. :laughing2 Sooo,being the NICE people we are we are very willing to share.:goodbad: Aren't we sweethearts?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Sunlion- I do dress up to go out. I don't know why but scarfs make me very uncomfortable. I tend to panic a bit to breathe. I need to get used to it.

Actually today the sun is up and its a little better. I think its going to snow over the weekend.

Thanks Kittyfoot. I saw the weather and they showed us how the cold came from canada.

I don't know what I prefer, the cold or the heat. In summer, it gets to about 100. Most winters go just to 20's. Is there anywhere on earth were the weather stays comfortable(not to hot, nor cold just right) I know in Arizona and Texas it gets real hot. Here in Utah, we haven't had a real storm in a long time. Its been snowing alot this year but nothing heavy. At least not in the valley. We've been through a drought so maybe these storms is a sign that the drought is gone.
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We lived in Santa Cruz, CA last year, and it was about perfect. You could wear jeans year 'round if you wanted. I didn't need a winter coat, though I wore a jacket or sweater in the winter, and I wore shorts and sundresses in the summer but it wasn't hot enough to be uncomfortable. No air conditioning, didn't need it. So yes, there is at least one place on earth where it is always comfortable!
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