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It's pouring snow!

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I am at work & I just looked out the window - IT IS POURING SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't see past the snow to the ground 5 floors down! This snow is due to change to frezzing rain by home time (approx 4:30). I hope they let us leave early or I will be on the bus for 2 to 3 hrs on the way home.
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YEY!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!! You know I LOVE snow!!! Hope it doesn't rain on you though Ady..... don't wanna get all soggy eh?!?! Ha ha ha... .... Snow = YES!!! Rain = NO!
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Pouring snow here too - glad I played hooky from work today!
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Oh I'm envious. I bet your really get to see the different seasons. Here in Houston you really don't get to see that. The weather here is so wacky!!! Yesterday the temp got up to 82 and now tonight it's going to be 39! It has really been a weird winter here. If we don't have any kind of front coming in our temps are in the upper 70's to 80. Normally it's supposed to be in the 60's this time of year when there's no front. I have a feeling we are in for a very long and hot summer!!!!

I sure hope they do let you go home early. Freezing rain is not good news.
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We are supposed to get rain, sleet, snow, and Ice here on Cape Cod.....ugh. I hate this dreary weather. If its going to snow, I want it to SNOW A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tounge2:
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Well - in the past 3 hrs we have had at least 4 to 5 inches pile up on the balcony ledge at work. At this rate we will have 15 to 20 inches. My workplace hates letting us leave early - I hope they do! I'll go home and make a snow family complete with cat! The next door neighbour's kids will help me!
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Awwww *whinge* NO FAIR!!! I wanna make snow kitties!! :tounge2:
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I love snow also!

It's grey and overcast here, and drizzling. There's nothing better than be curled up in the bed with a good book and the kitties, while watching the snow fall outside the window!
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Just got a call from the hubby - he left work early. According to him we have snow in our driveway of up to 1 foot! At least he may have the shovelling done by the time I get home, but I won't count on it as our drive way is 20 feet wide and over 100 feet long, not to mention the sidewalk.
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Well, it was pretty for about 5 minutes, now it's freezing rain. Thank God for 4 WHEEL DRIVE! Look out....

I can't stand this stuff, especially when you have to do the stalls and the paddocks when u get home.... YUK
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I am going home! Talk to you all tomorrow~!
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Sleeting, raining, icing...........we've got it all here on Cape Cod right now. YUCK!!
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We only got a foot and a half of snow...
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It's been snowing in the Midwest too today, not pouring snow, but the heaviest snowfall so far this winter. We are having a milder winter than usual, and most of the snow we got earlier in the season has melted. So right now we probably have a couple of inches of snow on the ground.
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I don't really mind snow (I guess I better not, living in Finland we're sure to get some during winter) but I would prefer it if it didn't come in "one go"! Last Friday we got about three feet of snow in 24 hours, so you can imagine what the roads over here were like... No way the roads could be cleared up right away, I was lucky to not get stuck somewhere with my car or have an accident because of the huge amount of snow on the roads.

You should see my small backyard though, I have a sort of a labyrinth there, had to shovel little paths for my dogs, no way they could run in all that snow. They love running around in those "paths" though, guess they think this is a wonderful idea and that we should have this much snow all the time.
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Hey, a snow maze in the backyard sounds pretty fun to me too!
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My son just told me that our next door neighbor was outside shoveling his front sidewalk at 2:30 A.M. this morning...that's really getting an early start!!
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Well I survived the trip home and the trip back to work this morning. It only took about 2 hrs to get home yesterday - it would have been longer if we left during rush hour. It looks like a winter wonderland out here! I want to go sledding or making snow angels . I definately don't want to work!
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