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Trivia question

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So I'm up late at night again - a combination of the usual insomnia, cold medicine, and the inability to breathe while horizontal - and I happened to catch an old episode of "All in the Family". And I noticed, everyone talks about Mike (Meathead) being in college, and in later years he was a professor and moved to California, but what was his major? All those years of study and teaching, and I can't remember anyone ever saying what Mike was studying!

Does anybody out there know?
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Well sunlion.... nope I can't help you there hun!! But Im here at work as usual..... what time is it there?
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You know - I really don't have a clue. I just figured he was always studying Gloria!

Rhea - you nut. Always on a different time zone.....
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Hey!! Wadda ya mean?!?! Me? - a nut?!! ha ha ha ah
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bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha as Cat would say!
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Oh... I see... its like that is it?!?!?! Well fine... beat this!!: BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! :tounge2:
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I think it was philosophy or politcal science. My hubby probably knows - I'll ask him tonight when I get home.
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