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IQ Test

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I found this cool IQ Test.


It's a good test, but some of the Q's are Stupid!
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Okay, I gotta ask:

I got a score of 160 which I think is wa-a-ay out of line.

Did other people score high?
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I scored a 117! According to my score, I am above average intelligence!
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Snuck in with a measly old 115 here. Needed more coffee I think
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126 here!

Unfortunately I was interupted in the middle (I did it at work & a co-worker had the nerve to ask a question!)
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My score was 119!!
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errr 152

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What does it mean when you press the button for result and it replies "Hello Master"?????
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Originally posted by Kittyfoot
What does it mean when you press the button for result and it replies "Hello Master"?????
It didn't want to make you feel bad?

I give up... what?

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but now they're playing the song "You're Simply the Best" and offering to sell my autograph for $1000 each. Wait..wait..what now....honorary Doctorate at Harvard,Yale,UCLA and MIT?? I think they're going a bit overboard,don't you? Must be a bunch of bmb's.
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You sent them the $9.95, didn't you, KF?
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The 9.95 is the final test. Like why send money for something you already got free?

Sooooo,what did our teacher get?

BTW...try taking it and typing in age 10
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I just figured that was why the site was singing "Simply the Best". Thought it was their song for anyone who mails in the money.

I'm not quite the power genius that sunlion is, but honestly, compared to other valid testing I have done, my score was pretty consistent.

Wonder if that is by chance or not.
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Well, that's just it. I usually come out in the high end of average. You know, an average college graduate is about 120, and I'm usually 130 to 140, so that 160 seems way out of proportion. 30 points is 20 to 25% deviation, and that kind of margin for error wouldn't make the test very accurate. So that's why I asked.

Of course, I had a fever from the flu when I took that test, maybe all that extra heat is good for the brain!
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I'm sure in terms of measurement standards, the validity of that test is about zero.

Your "leap" in score puts you from being smarter than about 98% of the population, to being smarter than about 99.999999% of the population.

I defer all further decisions to you.

And KF should show the appropriate respect.
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Y'see folks these scores are in US standard measure points..we use Metric. Soooooooo..at current conversion rates....ummmm..oh,sorry folks....YOU LOSE!!!!!!:tounge2:
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