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"Fraidy cat"

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I am home from work today due to the snowstorm in the northeast and this is my first post.

At the age of about 3 mos., Sam was living out of a dumpster in a city and was finally captured by my daughter-in-law. She gave him to me because she had too many pets in a small house. The technician at my vet is sure he is a Siamese Lynxpoint (simply gorgeous w/blue eyes).

I've had him for 17 mos. He's extremely affectionate with me but if anyone comes to the house, even pulls up in the driveway, he disappears upstairs and will not come back down until all is quiet again.

He doesn't go outdoors but enjoys the screened-in porch on the deck. My cats are out there a lot, especially Sam. I live alone and work all day so it's pretty quiet here in the woods except for a few cars going by. Sam loves me and his 2 feline housemates but is petrified of anyone else. Any ideas?
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Some cats are just like that. They like the way things are and do not like change. It is very normal. It isnt something that you can really fix. If they decide it's okay, they will come down to see new people. For now it sounds like he just needs to go and feel safe.
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Hi samsmom and welcome to the forums!

I agree with Sandie. You may also want to read this thread:
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I use to have a sweet little kitty named Kishka whom we rescued from the great outdoors. She loved me and would greet me at the door everynight. When ever we had company she would hide out until they were gone. When we moved back east, I flew her to my parents house because we were making the 4 day trip by car. My parents picked her up at the airport and brought her home. They did not see her for a week. They put out food which she ate at night and water but she did not show her face until we got there and I called her. Out she came. She was sleeping on top of the ceiling tiles in there basement. he he!
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