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help needed: kitty trees and toys

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Hello everyone

We are new to this board, and we need help.
A couple of days ago we took in two cats that were thrown out by their previous owner due to having destroyed/clawed her brand new furniture. We are in need of any cat supplies that anyone out there has and no longer needs, especially old kitty trees and toys. These two are very lovable cats, but we can't have them tear up our house either, and we would never have them declawed as that's against our personal morals/believes. We'd like to keep them if at all possible, and know they'll need lots of kitty trees to be distracted from our furniture and carpets. They're only about two years old, and are regular black house cats. We don't have a fortune to spend on buying new cat trees for them, so we're looking for and would so much appreciate any help we can get for these guys!
We are located in Richfield, Ohio 44286.
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I would recommend going to K-mart, where you can buy a few sisal rugs very inexpensively. And if you have any scrap wood around, maybe you can put together something for them, and attach a scrap of carpet. Best of luck with these kits, and thank you for saving them!
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Most cats are happy with simple toys also. The rings from milk jugs, paper wads, clothsepins, etc. I bought a small scratching board for $5 at walmart. Some people clip thier cats nails too.
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Thanks so much for your help guys! I will give them some of the toys you suggested, and will check Walmart and Kmart (there are no Kmarts close to us so this might take a while...) next time we go there.
If anyone would like to see them, here are some pics I took of them yesterday
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Good suggestions so far - you can sometimes get good deals on scratching posts at Petsmart. Yesterday one of mine found an empty core to a toilet paper roll - it is her new best friend!

BTW: Lovely black kitties - so adorable!
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Hi Talon

Thanks for your message! These two are real beauties, and so sweet too Say, what kind of birds do you have? We breed creamino and lutino lovebirds, and hope to have babies from our Timneh Greys soon too. Check out our website if you'd like. I just made a page for the kitties on there too (under Our Pets)! BirdsOhio website
That's awesome that you have black kitties too. They look like little black panthers, don't they?
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Yep, they sure do look like panthers at times! We have:

Blue and Gold Macaw
Umbrella Cockatoo
Double Yellow Head Amazon
Mexican Red Head Amazon
Timneh African Grey
Congo African Grey
Sun Conure
Grey Cheek Parakeet
Peach Faced Lovebird
Pacific Parrotlet
Budge (light blue)
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Oh wow, that's a lot of fids! Thanks for sharing!
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My cat's favourite place to scratch is a big box full of paper in my office. It's tall enough that she stretches to scratch, it's corrugated cardboard, so there's lots to get her claws into, and it's heavy enough that it doesn't move.

She's destroyed three so far, and a side benefit is that as she destroys them, I am forced to sort the paper they contained and clean up my office.

Both of my cats love pizza boxes as well, I always have one on the floor under the coffee table. It's not elegant, but it is cheap.
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Ebay sells very inexpensive toys, trees etc. I bought a cat tree for $75 including shipping!! Great value...It would have cost about $300 in a pet store!
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