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Are your cats

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Friendly and affectionate?

Opal will only go near me and that is not often,she will come up have a quick purr around my legs then go again,she is actually on my lap now and that is rare

Blue is the most loving cat I think I have ever met,he follows me around everywhere

Bono the kitten is not loving at all,in fact she hisses at you when you try to pick her up,she is OK on the odd occasion when she wants to go to you,but if you try to fuss over her she will hiss and run away
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My cat loves me! (well i atleast seem to think so)
We play when he is awake, i give him sniffles and cuddles and belly rubs.
He has only scratched me twice since his neuter and doesnt want to play wrestle that much anymore..
he will meow really loudly if i go outside for a few minutes, he has learned to stalk me from window to window when i go to the kiosk which is next door. And as soon as i come back in he will rub around my legs, and cuddle me for a few minutes then he goes back to his crazy self, relaxes and sleeps.
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5 of my cats- Max,Vanna,Sampson,Tigger and Poohbear are very friendly!!
The other 2 Trouble and Simon are friendly with us but they like their space! With other people they hide.
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Kandie is a typical cat on her terms she is ... Zoey is very until you pick her up..
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CJ can be.. but only when he wants to. He is especially affectionate to visitors. lol I guess because we like to mess around with him.

Lucy is turning out to be. When we first got her she was very shy and timid. Now she is coming out of her shell.

Ethel is only with me. She loves to jump on my lap all the time and give me head butts. But with everyone else she is still pretty timid but she's slowing coming around.

I am very thankful that we have such sweet and (mostly) well-behaved cats. We are very lucky.
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My boys are generally friendly. Pushy will run from strangers, and watch them first before relaxing around new people. Actually he has pretty good taste in people - he always runs from certain neighbours who we don't like! LOL!
Wiggies is big snuggle-puss. He even goes up to people on the street and flops down in front of them for a belly rub! Most people find this quite charming. I always wonder at those that just keep walking past...
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My cats are pretty affectionate. Soe cats are more so than others though.
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all 4 of my babies are affectionate, but Petals and Trixie are skittish......if you come over, they run and hide at first. My boys will come to you.
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Sophie is when she wants to be, depends on her mood and time of day. Sunni was extremely affectionate. Percy is always underfoot for belly rubs and such when I am outside with him! Angel was a huge cuddlebug when she was here, too.
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Originally Posted by sharky
Kandie is a typical cat on her terms she is .....
...His Loyal Majesty..... knows that he has his servants! .........
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All 6 are affectionate with both of us, only 2 are affectionate on their own terms.
As far as company is concerned, we have two greeters, two indifferent, and 2 that vanish.
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My cats are all friendly and affectionate. My oldest, Peanut, doesn't want to much cuddling but is content and out of hiding if Mommy's lap is free. Jade and Pandora like to be pet constantly and craddled and rocked (till my arms get too tired). My only male, Jasper, is mommy's boy. He is always trying to climb on me and cuddle. He wraps his arms around my neck and literally deafens me with his purring. He would spend the entire day kneading on me if I held him. If I try to put him down its a struggle because he will do whatever he can to stay attached. He even cries at the door if I leave the apartment. In fact I can't even visit the bathroom without at least one furball running in there to keep me company and have a chance at an extra scratch behind the ears.
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my kitty is very affectionate. she wakes me up in the mornings so we can cuddle for about 30 min. at nght, she reaches out and pulls my hands (or feet) to her and wraps her paws around them. she sleeps on me as well.
every now and then she has moments when she doesnt want touched, but it doesnt stop her from playing with us
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Reilly is extremley affectionate to mommy and daddy. He loves to be held like a little baby and give kitty kisses...but I still have to be cautious of him...he can change personalities in a heart beat!
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Only Skinny is friendly to strangers. QT and Wawa ran away after a quick look at visitors. Joji if you try to get near her, will attack.
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Esse: Fat, lazy, loving cat. She wants to be in the same room as I am in, and will come to "her" spot on the bed. She loves being scritched and cuddled, loved and petted. On occasion, she'll get completely, thoroughly upset about something, and fuss a lot. But that's very rare. She's a meeter and greeter, too.

Charlotte: Very loving in her way. She's a loner, prefers herself to any other company, and will hiss and bite you (not hard, never hard...just hand grab-and-hold) if you pet her the wrong way. She's very slow to warm up, and many of my friends have never met her.

Pie: calico, terribly shy, and rather weird (she's the one who likes to lay under the lamps...). She's incredibly affectionate with me, but can't abide being held. She's claimed a spot on the bed near my head, and will allow me to lay my arm along her side. To pick her up, it had better be an emergency...she won't bite, but she'll struggle. She's very shy, and again, most of my friends don't know she exists.

Simon: the baby of the group, he has no fear. He's never met a person (or animal) he didn't immediately realize were his slaves, and he's cute enough to get away with it. He's completely a clingy cat, needing to know exactly where I am at all times (to the point of calling for me, me answering, and him running pell-mell to me). He loves to roughhouse, tackle anything that moves (including me), and thinks it's the height of hilarity to ambush the other cats. He hugs me; he lays his body across my chest, wraps his paws around my neck, lays his head in the crook of my neck, and purrs and drools.

Penguin: I don't think she's at all unfriendly, nor inaffectionate. She is still extraordinarily timid, but once she is comfortable, she'll play with the other cats, or watch me playing with them. She comes out and hangs in the living room, and makes it to the door. There's a special quality about her that lets me know that she is not unaffectionate, and she is indeed friendly (in her way).

I was just saying to my friend that it's so cool to have 5 such different cats in my home, and how extremely cool it was that despite their different personalities and ways of being, there is no fighting. I am indeed blessed.

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Generally all my cats are loving and friendly. My first cat, Wittle, is definatley a cat that loves to be friendly.

Bitty is mostly not a cat that will come up to you and want attention. If you want attention from her, you'll have to come to HER.

Retro, my siamese kitten, is, probably, the most friendly. During the day he will just lay on top of the computer mouse . Although he purrs 24/7, it's hard to catch him not purring!

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my manx BOb is my baby boy...He will cuddle all day long and if I put him down ...he finds my shihtzu and smacks him...i guess this is his way of getting back at me....
my balinese Molly does not like anyone except my 9 yr old daughter...she lives upstairs with her and hates to come down...she is very timid!!
My rescue kitty a big baby....but she is also moody....she loves to cuddle but on her own time....but she lets the kids carry her around everywhere...
My persian Nico was very standoffish but would come if you whistled for him...also loved to sleep under blankets with me at nite... I miss him...
My new persian daffy...well they said she was extremly freindly and she loves to be petted....which she does....she will grAB YOUR HAND AND LICK
But so far I cannot pick her up...she struggles....and she hates grooming
everytime i try she wont come near me for awhile....but i am sure she is just adjusting...she has only been here a week......
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London is a cuddler. If I stand still for too long he flops on my feet. When walking down the hall he races ahead of me to flop down on his back. And he loves being held like a baby and having his tummy rubbed. It's almost difficult to hold him because he goes totally limp in my arms.
Alcott is a cuddler as well, but for some reason he recently has been struggling when I pick him up. He loves to sit on my lap or next to me, and before recently loved being held....perhaps I'm just not picking the right moment to pick him up.
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Harley is a definate cuddler! Only with me though, he likes strangers but he wont be too affectionate with them. Even my bf John doesn't get much love from him! I love it cuz he's a momma's boy! When I get home from work he sits on my lap or next to me until I have to leave again and then at night when Im home he's by my side all night, and even when we sleep, he sleeps right next to my head on my pillow, I love the sound of him purring when I'm going to sleep!! He loves being held like a baby and having his tummy rubbed and will grab my hand and lick it, like he's giving me kisses!
My favorite part is when I pick him up to give him kisses, he puts his paws on my face and kisses me back, he's my love bug
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Affectionate... let's see:

Hammie, we call him "the hemorrhoid", because he is ALWAYS up yer bum! He follows us to the point you cannot turn around without stepping on him! He loooongs for headbutts, face rubs, or just to gaze at you with those huge pupils. When I lay down at night, Hammie is usually one of the first to snuggle with me.

Snickers comes in second... a close second. Snicky sleeps curled up next to me, his paws wrapped around my arms. He gives kisses & hugs & has never met a human or cat he didn't get along with. Just all-around a friendly guy.

Dusty is a lover, she'll hold onto you and purr, rub your nose with her mouth (another *kisser*)... Dusty cries until you pick her up. She's my most loving girlcat!

Jess only wants to give affection if you her Zoom Groom in yer hand. She is kinda skitzy and will take off running if you try to pet her; however if she sees that neon pink Zoom Groom, she is a drooling happy camper & will love all over ya!

K.C. is only affectionate at nighttime... period! She makes a nest in my hair and holds me down. She likes it when I reach up and pet her, that little motor will start running & she'll drool in my hair.

Zorro... not affectionate but sweet. He prefers not to be touched at all. Zorro follows me into the shower every morning and rolls over, showing me that big ol fat belly, but if I try to pet him? He bites me. He is a tease I guess.

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Cupid is very, very clingy. He rarely leaves the room I'm in and if he does and I say "Cupid?" he comes running back, meowing. He follows me from room to room unless he's sleeping. If he's awake, he's on me or near me.

He's not as affectionate towards my roommate, but if he picks him up, he starts purring and rubbing all over him. He does that with anyone, but I'm the only person he clings to. I think it's because I got him when he was an itty bitty baby and I held him nearly non-stop for like 3 weeks.
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